Monday, April 2, 2012

The Papatoetoe Softball Finals

"Okay boys remember we came here to win and have some fun" our coach Moe told us. "1,2,3 Storm!!!" Our finals were starting. This season I have been playing softball for the Papatoetoe under 12's storm this is the first time I have played in a competition on Saturdays. The Saturday that just passed we played Waitakare Bears Gold for the Plate.

The atmosphere was intense and it was the first time our team had been all there. We were first up to bat in the innings. My friend Trent was batting before me and my heart was pounding. It was my turn in the batting box listening to instructions from my coach. Before I knew it the ball was in the catchers glove "Strike!" the Umpire called. I struck out and felt  disappointed in myself.

In the second innings we were up by 15-3. we were pretty confident that we would win. The umpire was from the oppositions team and made some unfair calls. All the boys were determined to prove her wrong by playing our hearts out. At the end of the game the score was 21-3 we smashed them.

So in the end the moral of the day cheaters never ever prevail. The official from the Auckland Softball Association (ASA) said "even though the other teams umpire called some dodgy calls you still held together and won Your team in 5 years time team could be the Papatoetoe premier team. The Papatoetoe team this season have improved more then ever I have learnt a lot of experience through this season. I have also made good friends.