Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Mihimihi

Darius Show Not Tell (Rainy Day)

I stepped outside and could feel a few drips. Within moments it started drizzling so I went inside to get my umbrella and my boots. “Splosh squish “ as I walked on the footpath my shoes became sodden. I heard cars engines come past me, their tires showering spray over me. Finally I got to school. After all of that my socks were damp, “Man I wish mum had dropped me off” I said to myself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Conclusion Of My Star Map

The person that I chose to work on was Ben Barba. I admire the way he plays  Rugby League. On attack he is a trouble to the opposition when he touches the ball . On Defense he manages to stop the opposition from scoring try's but not all the time.

 After the past two months creating this project I think I should have put a lot of more effort and time into the project that I have been working on but next time I am going to put more effort and time in to getting this project into a better state then it was before that.

From this project I now know what I want to do from my research of this person. I want to play in the NRL for the Bulldogs.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip To Wellington

"Arghh!! My ears are so sore", my mum whined to me. My mum and I had just finished landing at the Wellington airport. The captain was saying over the intercom, "thank you for flying with Air New Zealand the date is Tuesday and the time is 7:30pm, you have just landed in Wellington and we hope you can come fly with us again"

We walked passed the luggage claim area and waitied for my Aunty Lei to come pick us up. We were staying at her place in Porirua. My mum and I were looking for her because she texted my mum and told her that she was already at the airport.

As we were waiting down stairs my Auntie Lei and my cousin Ariana finally came and picked us up. As we were heading back to my auntys place, my mum asked if we could drop in to see uncle Rickie (aunty Lei's dad) for his 70th birthday but it was too dark. He stays at a rest home now.

The next day we got up had breakfast it was a normal morning to eat cereal. Me and my cousin Arian were playing the PS3, a game called Ratchet & Clank. It's an adventure game. It was a Sunday so mum suggested we go to church. After church we went to see uncle Rickie. When we met him we gave his presents he got a rugby world cup t-shirt and a Niue hat we stayed with him for half an hour then he went to sleep and we left.

The day after that we drove all the way to Taihipe to drop off Arian to her dad's family house. It was a long drive roughly around three and a half hours. We hung out at the farm for one hour and then mum drove us back to home.

Tuesday was our last day in Wellington for the last day we went to the movies and watch Wrath Of The Titans it was good but I liked the first one better.