Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Last Year As A Primary Student

Goodbye my friends hope yous have a good holiday. Next year I hope that most of my friends will be in the same class that I am in.

Theres No Going Back

What would it be like if we were still writing on a piece of paper? This year I have loved being a Netbooker . It speeds up learning, but sometimes there can be some technical problems that happen with the Netbook. Netbooks are better learning devices then a piece of paper and a pencil.

A awesome thing on the Netbooks are the games. In our free time we can play games on the Internet and off-line too. When I feel bored I like to play games and download them too well that's outside of school.

The thing that helps me most in writing is the thesaurus on the Internet. It helps with my which helps my vocab. Another thing that helps is the spelling checks it can help my spelling a lot. Writing is the one subject that I struggle on, but the net book really improves my writing in lots of ways.

One of the things that maybe could be fixed is the Internet connections. There are problems with the Internet and it would help our learning if the Internet was a lot faster. Some time the Internet is very fast but then it loses the connection.

This year has been one of my favorite years at Pt England. Next year I can’t wait to get back to learning.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Outta This World Project

This term Room 17 have been focusing on the topic Outta this world. This is the E-learning project we had to complete. This explains what could happen in the future. Hope you enjoy what I have created for the last term.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Were Going To Die!!

Kayaking is super hard (For me) it makes your arms tired and gives you a sore back. “Sit up straight” Erin instructed in my head I thought my back is aching with pain thought. Since we had to Kayak to the many Wharfs we had to paddle through it.

We paddled against the hard blowing wind it was hard trying to push against the current. “Swish” the water began to pick up it was making me float towards some where out to sea I started paddling faster and faster my arm was getting sore. As the winds were blowing wildly it took my Kayak off course.

Erin had instructed and told us of this game called The Kayaking Game. The object of this game was to transfer someone into your Kayak and you go to their one. The people were chosen to play first were Kingston and Patrick. Patrick and Kingston just got out of their Kayaks and set out for each others Kayaks. Patrick had entered Kingston's Kayak but then get fell into the water and he had to climb back in again

Friday, December 2, 2011


Saviour: Jesus is the person who saved all of us

Words for Christmas:
Inn: Is almost like a hotel
Bethlehem: A town near Jerusalem

Christ: Is Jesus other name
Stable:Keeps animals in a certain place feeding them and taking care of them

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bombing Time

It was a hot day and there was a beach right in front of you what would you do? Obviously the simple choice is to go for a swim and that's what I did. At the first touch with my foot, I felt so relived of the sun heat . Out I into the wide spreaded ocean I began to creep. One foot at a time.

The water began to rise right up next to my neck. I just got to the pontoon, lucky or else I would have been jumping for my life. “Ouch” I screamed in pain my hand scrapped against the back of the steps I think it was the Oysters that were cutting everybody I could see blood pouring out of the wounds that people had

Everybody was crowding on the pontoon the only people who were jumping off were the boys. While the girls just sat at the edge of the pontoon, the pontoon slowly began to drift off turning side ways. One after one we jumped off Miss Garden had said to find a spot to jump off so that nobody gets hurt.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sixty Minutes In A Leaky Boat

Have you ever sailed before ? Well we were going to aim at one of the boats a cross the harbour to the yacht called Typhoon. Kingston and I were sailing buddies. You could go with a Buddie or, go solo. We had to line the boat up with Typhoon and then sail back to the red play ground.

The winds were blowing wildly which nearly caused Kingston and I to capsize. Most of the time Kingston had actually tried to capsize us so that we could have a swim. I kept saying “let go of the rope” he didn’t listen.

When we were sailing I was steering like rubbish. I sort of made us go in circles like we were doing laps or something. Mrs Sommervile had actually tried to instruct us to go further out to Typhoon, but Kingston kept saying “Turn the boat around were going to die”.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp Bentzon

Camp is arriving in one more week and I am so excited and enthusiastic about what we will do at camp.

"I can't wait for camp" I told myself we were going to Kawau Island to camp there for three days ,the Island had a camp called camp Bentzon thats where we'll be staying. You got there by traveling by a ferry from Sandspit.

At camp theres going to be a confidence course, burma trail, sailing and kayaking. We can go jumping off the wharf or that's when the teachers are  there.

What I want to really do is the Confidence Course it sounds really cool and I think I can become more confident in my-self. I wonder if the confidence course will be really challenging for us.

I think that the most challenging thing to do is to try to get out of bed early in the morning. That will be the most challenging thing for me.

I am really thrilled that we will be going to the camp Bentzon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Art In Space

The Super Heroes Alliance !!!!

This is my project that I have focusing on this term with Miss M. The theme for this term is Out Of This World.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Have you ever seen a comet in space? Well this time the comet went straight down our throats. Room 17 and Room 16 made Ice cream comets and it was a real treat.

    The comet that we were making was made out of Ice cream because comets are made out of Ice and other things like dust and gas. We first had to get an Ice cream in the palm of our hands. At the first touch it sent chills down my spine. "Quickly" said Miss Garden, she was harassing me because the Ice cream was oozing out of my fingers like madness. I scurried like a headless Chook and I ran outside trying not to let my comet melt.

    "Excuse me" I said in my politest voice could I have some dust( Don't worry this was n't real dust) this dust was made out of Smashed cookies and with sprinkles too. I asked Mr Somerville for my cone (the cone was representing the tail on a comet)put the cone on and done, now to get some more sprinkles. Every time I slurped off the sprinkles I went to go get some more and some more. When the sprinkles mixed with my Ice cream it made my hands all sticky and icky.

    As we were Demolishing our Ice creams, people were accidentally dropping their comets like bombs bombing the ground on the little ants. Bombvoyaz little ants. People were having to wash their hand after that monstrosity of a mess our bay was a pig sty I also think that our picnic table would have counted as a rubbish dump.   
    That was Awesome seeing everybody having fun including me. Since it was a hot day it was nice to have an Ice cream too.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tennis Coaching

What sport are you playing when you use a Racket and a ball? Have you guessed? Well if you said Tennis you are right. Our sport that we are focusing on this term is Tennis.

    Professionals I wouldn't mind being one, but I don't know what I would be. For us we had professional Tennis player his name was Marcel. Wonder why Marcel was a Pro when we were doing our skills he was balancing on the side of the racket hitting it up and down, he was counting and he stopped at ten.

    I was amazed at the skills Marcel was preforming I tried to do it, one two three and that was all I could hit. I tried one more time but only got one hit this time. "This is so hard" I thought to my self.

    Now wer'e going to play a game its called King or Queen of the Court. How to play is there is one king the others are the challengers the person who beats the King becomes ruler. It was really fun playing against my friends but when Onosai beat me Marcel said stop and made us do 10 star jumps while, the king did nothing. Next time I won't lose.

    I think that Tennis is a very fun and frustrating sport. But I can't wait until our next session is.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Space Quiz Awnsers

This is the answers to the Quiz.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finally Some Thing To Do

Over the holidays I usually go to Australia to see my dad or, my mum and I just go for a cruise to one of the places in New Zealand . This time we did neither.

I decided to go to a holiday program in Otahuhu at the Recreation Center. A Rec Center(for short) is usually used for community sports sometimes there are festivals, cultural festivals. This term there was a cultural festival called Diwali. Every morning we had to listen to their music (it was so annoying).

    When you arrive in the morning and head into the stadium. You get free time, you get to do what ever you want, that’s until the leaders call you in. The Stadium was humongous but, half of the court had been separated of for Diwali. All of the leaders were from M.I.T they were students applying to become a person who works in the fitness industry. 

    Every day of the program there was a theme or something to do. The first day off school was an Ice Breaker Day, where you get to share some information about your-self. One of my favorite days was the Amazing Race. We Divided our-selfs into four groups and scatter around Otahuhu town center in search of places and clues that had been listed. Our team had started last but we still we came first.

I had to admit was that I only went because of my best friend Mathias was there too. After the two weeks I weighed myself and I had lost 3 kilos. Woooohooooo!!

Space Quiz

What are Pluto’s moons called?

How many years does it take for Pluto to orbit the sun?

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Country I Am Working On

The Bittern

This Term the Kiwis reading group have been working on the Bittern.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My New Book

This is the book that I chose for this year I still have to pick one more book though. This book is about all of the creepy stuff that happens non-fiction and fiction. The Bucklands Beach Club always produces these books for us. I can't wait for next year to get my two next books.

I would like to say thank you to the Bucklands Beach Club for supporting us. I would also like to say thank you to Alison from the cast Shortland Street but she's not in Shortland Street anymore.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Most Uncomfortable Trip Ever

"Wow that is a lot of people" I told my mum. My mum and I were going to go in to the city to see the cloud. The cloud is a big area filled with lots of things, things you would see in a usual shop. We were supposed to go on the train but there were huge lines and as we were walking we heard this man say that some people had been waiting at the trains for hours. My mum had to decided quick whether we wait for an hour or we get on a bus. My mum decided that we go on the bus it was a lot quicker then having to wait for hours just for one train.

Fortunatley we finnaly got on after waiting for about 10 min, Unfortunatley they're were no seats we had to stand for the whole way. As we started to move it wasn't so bad I wish it had stayed like that. Pain started to consume my legs my legs ached and it was howling at me telling me to fall over. But I knew I couldn't so we were half way there but I accidentally hit this guy with my elbow "Ops Sorry" I said he replyed "its all right". Yes we were here in the city the ride was bumpy!! 

Manu Samoa vs Namibia

Samoa and Nambia go head clashing in Rotorua Stadium, the game starts at 2:30 pm. Since I go for Samoa my prediction is 33-18.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Space Nuts

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Badminton Para 2

Have you ever played Badminton? Well I have and I have got to say I was one of the worst at playing it. Our class was in the school hall on Friday, waiting patiently for the instructor to arrive.A few minutes later our mentor for Badminton had finally arrived.

She had instructed us all to sit down in front of the stage then she started to speak. About badminton asking us questions, It was like a pop quiz to see which child had actually listened to the last instructor. Then she told us that her name was Donna.

Then she picked a few people to hand out the rackets. There were about 20-30 rackets and only 3 people to hold all of them “Onosai give us the short racket”. All of the boys moaning and groaning for Onosai to give them a short racket but Onosai didn’t give them one.

“Okay once you've got your racket find a buddy “ said Donna. It was a decision I go with Gabriel or Crusader “Hmmm” I thought. Okay I’m going to go with Crusader I really felt sorry for Gabriel but I couldn’t go with both of them. If only their were two of me I thought.

I went to go and grab a Shuttle for me and Crusader. Did you know that back in the olden days they use to put feathers on the Shuttles. Have you guessed yet well would you have thought that the feathers were used to help the shuttle fly. But these days we use plastic.

Crusader served and I missed I think I was awful but it was my first training. My turn to serve I hit “Yes”!!! I thought that was my first hit in the whole game but will it make to the other side? No it didn’t make it.

Okay so maybe I’m not a natural player and maybe I think Badminton is one of the hardest games I have ever played but if I keep practising I think I can achieve my goals.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Topic sentences

New Zealand is a beautiful country and a must-do for any travel holiday. Our country has a vibrant city filled, with sophisticated restaurants. All around the city are idyllic islands with, stunning coastlines.


Have you ever played Badminton? Well I have and I have got to say I was one of the worst at playing it. Our class was in the school hall on Friday, waiting patiently for the instructor to arrive.A few minutes later our mentor for Badminton had finally arrived.

She had instructed us all to sit down in front of the stage then she started to speak. About badminton asking us questions, It was like a pop quiz to see which child had actually listened to the last instructor. Then she told us that her name was Donna

Then she picked a few people to hand out the rackets. There were about 20-30 rackets and only 3 people to hold all of them “Onosai give us the short racket”. All of the boys moaning and groaning for Onosai to give them a short racket but Onosai didn’t give them one.

“Okay once you've got your racket find a buddy “ said Donna. It was a decision I go with Gabriel or Crusader “Hmmm” I thought. Okay I’m going to go with Crusader I really felt sorry for Gabriel but I couldn’t go with both of them. If only their were two of me I thought.

I went to go and grab a Shuttle for me and Crusader. Did you know that back in the olden days they use to put feathers on the Shuttles. Have you guessed yet well would you have thought that the feathers were used to help the shuttle fly. But these days we use plastic.

Crusader served and I missed I think I was Awful but it was my first training. My turn to serve I hit “Yes”!!! I thought that was my first hit in the whole game but will it make to the other side? No it didn’t make it.

Okay so maybe I’m not a natural player and maybe I think Badminton is one of the hardest games I have ever played but if I keep practising I think I can achieve my goals.


Monday, August 8, 2011

All Blacks Web Page

This is the info I have found about the All Blacks.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Irish Web Page

This is a post about the Irish team and if you click on the movie it will show you all about the Irish team. ( If you noticed it is all green Thats because of the land).

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Movie-tastic Holidays

"Oh Yeah"!! I screamed, I screamed because it was finally the holidays. I had been waiting for these holidays, because I needed some time off. Me and my mum were questioning each other to gather ideas about what we could during our 2 week holiday. Mum said maybe we could go to the Waitomo caves, but I said "how about we just go to watch some movies and stay home and relax". Feeling relaxed, it was just then when then it hit my head. I still had my game of league to go to. Oh how I pleaded with my mum not to take me to my game. But she had insisted I go.

We were at the movies in Highland Park cinemas (oh and by the way this was the next day) and we had to wait because our movie wasn't scheduled for another hour. So we killed some time by playing a game of pool. Finally I thought we were going to have a game of pool table. I hadn't played one in a while. There was this arcade that me and my mum always went to we only went because it was the close to home and it had pretty cool games. Then after a few months the place had been closed down. So ever since wev'e been to the Highland Park cinemas we would have a game of pool. "Yeah I won!! Ok now we need to check what the time is" I said to my mom. It was time to go and stand in the long line and wait forever luckily my mum said lets go to the part that said online tickets. The line was so short it only was a few minutes before we got to the front of the line.

"I would like some MNM's too please", We were going to see Kung Fu Panda two (there you go the answer to your question) . My mum and I were setteled in our bluish seats. Then the lights started to fade into a black pitch cinema. A blue light apeared then it quickly switched into the trailers. We started to devour the popcorn in it's little box. So, Po the warrior has a fight with these bandits and he scadooshes all of them. With the help of the Furious Five. He sees this red sun symbol on one of the bandits uniforms. Po has a flash back to when he was younger and it showed his mum. My favourite part of the movie has got to be when Po's in a punching stance flying down the stairs all the while a bandit's head kept banging into his fist. Almost knocking him out, I laughed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extreme makeover courtyard paragrahs

Do you have a courtyard that isn’t used much? Well wev’e got the same problem as you but we are going to change it. Outside the courtyard in room 17 that we have is completely useless no one uses it so it is a waste of space. In the winter time the fields are closed. Our courtyard has a big ditch filled with mud.

This is my rubric that my buddy Waata marked

Unfortunately in winter time the fields are muddy and closed. Which causes crowded conditions in our play areas if we re-make our courtyard then the chances of crowded conditions can not become so often. Little kids can be knocked over by all of the crowds on the court and in the breeze.

Our courtyard is extremely hideous. The concrete is uneven, and there isn’t enough space to play games. We have a big ditch filled with mud and rubbish in the center of our courtyard which connects to the eyesore drain. There are mud on the walls because of the patch of grass which is right next to the toilets.

Seniors like to hang out in a relaxing place. We know that seniors like to play touch and hang out because we sent surveys to other classes to see what they like to do. If we change our courtyard maybe older kids can play in this area. Then the older kids can just relax and talk to each other.

We would like you to help please.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tail of the Geko

The Kiwis have read a book about a Geko and the title is called The Tail of the Geko. Written by Marlene Bennetts.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maths Stratergies

This is a poster showing the “Compensation” strategy.

Darius Giving it a go

This week the kiwis have been working on a story called giving it a go. This was written David Tulloch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chidokan Misogi 2011

Once again the anual misogi had finally arrived for our dojo. Like last year, we had to get up before 6.30am and had to be there before then. So mum and I got up earlier. I think my mum woke up at 4.50am and then she woke me up.

We arrived at Mission Bay, near the fountain and it was freezing cold. Luckily, it wasn't raining like last time. There were people from the Papatoetoe dojo, North Shore dojo and the main dojo New Lynn. Misogi is compulsory for people who are green belts and higher. Everyone that was there assembled by the grassy area. Our sensei said to get in a circle for basics. It's kind of like a warmup, where we do basic punching and kicking. 15 minutes later, our sensei instructed us to get into groups for kata. There were three groups, one for the black belts, one for the purples and brown belts and anyone who was lower than those belts, in the third group. We practiced our kata over and over again perfecting our moves. With that finished, we headed for the beach and were knee deep in the ice water. We got into two lines for free sparring. I felt like my feet were sinking in the sand and I couldn't move as fast as I wanted to. While sparring, I got dunked in the water about four times from higher belts and even my sensei who wasn't my opponent. I had a lot of fun and I can't wait for next year.

*Chidokan Karate lessons are Monday and Wednesday at 6pm-7pm held at the Alan Brewster Recreation Centre in Papatoetoe.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly cloudy

The main charactars are clouds and storks. Where this story begins is in a place where you'd never imagine up high in the sky where the clouds are. The story starts by showing the storks delivering puppies, babies and kittens. Then it shows a grey cloud there are other clouds that are more whiter. The grey cloud can't seem to create nice things like the other clouds. The stork that the grey cloud has is sort of scared of the things that the grey cloud makes. In the end the grey cloud gets left behind by his stork then the grey cloud makes up a storm. He see's his stork with the other clouds and begins to cry then his stork comes back but this time he has something to protect himself.

I'd give this anamation a 7 it is funny in some ways but sometimes sad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme makeover courtyard edition

We have been researching on the Internet and we have found a lot of interesting stuff.

We have wanted to replace the grass areas with concrete so that it could become a mini courtyard so that people can play and have fun. What I want is for the concrete to be nice and thick so that people can play games. I'd like to have it so people can play cards on the courtyard because in the breeze it to crowded and sometimes people flick it and then you lose. A 25 kg bag cost 8.50 we are still thinking whether we could possibly do or not.

We are going to possibly put in a basket ball hoop but we would have to bolt it in. I want to have a basketball hoop because then I can play basketball with my friends. It will be fun and when I have nothing to do I can play basketball. I am still trying to find information about the basket ball hoop.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat'u Feu'u Flax prints Stage One

Miss Muliamasili handed out sheets of paper divided into four pieces then Miss M instructed us to sketch four paintings from Fat’u Feu’u. After we had sketched all four Miss M then told us we had to enlarge so then Miss M gave us another piece of paper to enlarge one of our sketches and either Miss M or Miss Ouano . Then we had to get a felt and over line the sketch's it had to be done perfectly. My art was made in 1990 / 2000 it was made from Oil on board, wood, ceramics, sennit. It is a metaphor of Pacific warriors looking for land to people the pacific, in sailing canoes, taking their culture as they travelled.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rugby League-a fresh start!

"Come on boys, tackle!" I shouted panting , panting and panting. I kept running but my legs were about to fall off. Then I thought about what mum said "Keep going and drive your legs".
This year, I'm playing for Richmond Bulldogs. Mum and I were deciding whether to stay with the Otahuhu Leopards or go to a different team. I decided to go to another team and I chose the Richmond Bullodgs. It's the club my dad use to play for and I was going to play rugby for Tamaki Marist but they didn't get back to us. Some of the boys that I play with are Rona,Denzel, Jessie,Levi and David.

20 Hour famine

People were given the opportunity to fund raise for a whole lot people who don't have enough food. All of our fund raises go to country different countries. Did you know that people in East Timor sometimes only gets half a cup of rice and only one meal day they were also lucky if they found one Kumar a day.

"Go the yellow team!!!" I screamed. Tonight we have the 20 hour sleep over and I couldn't wait until it started .The 20 hour Famine started at 12 pm and ended at 8 am.Tonight we are having the sleep over and we were gonna play games and watch movies. We could only eat a barley sugar when Miss Tele'a said we could and drink our boxes of juice when Miss Tele'a said so to.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sightseeing in Te Papa
the big conference began, we got to go sight seeing in Te Papa. If you don’t know what Te Papa is, it’s the museum of Wellington, the captial city of New Zealand. It is full of wonderful artifacts on display. If you were to compare Te Papa museum to the Auckland museum, I’d have to say that the Auckland one is alot different. Its all very fascinating but Te Papa was slightly better (no offence to the Auckland Museum).
First we explored in this big room filled with dinosaurs skeletons with facts. Then we went searching for things that we could play with. In the museum, we saw a little house and people were bunched up inside. Once they finished, we went in to find out what was going to happen. We all were bunched up in a little house and we were watching this little T.V. On it, people were talking about the earthquake that had happened (pretty sure it was in Wellington), then the ground we were standing on began to shake.
In the same house but on a different screen, it showed a lady's vases falling from shelves and smashing on the ground. My favorite part of Te Papa was when we wondered into this little corridor and a man instructed us to put our bags on the floor and to find a seat. A big white screen popped up and showed instructions before the motion rider began. It told us to keep our belts buckled in and not to take it off until the ride was over. This ride had different things happening. It showed different things happening, one after the other. It showed one person having all these exciting adventures, some he failed and we tagged along for the whole ride. One part showed where he was swinging on a branch then a black bird flew right into his face, we all laughed! After sightseeing we went back stage to the confrence room and waited.

Presenting at the Conference

The surprise was nearly over and we were about to present. I had butterflies in my stomach again but I tried hard not to think about them. When Rita finished her last words, I took a huge breath because that was my queue to start. As I walked, I imagined there would be hundreds of people but to my relief there wasn't. Although it was weird because most people had flash gadgets like iPhones, iPads and even flash laptops. While I was presenting I was nervous, I could hear my heart beating. However, once it was over, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted and didn't think that I needed to be that worried after all.

Pt England Kids at TUANZ TELCO Day from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Flying to Wellington

On the plane, we kept talking about playing on our netbooks. We seemed to forget about the whole conference altogether or was that just me? Anyway, the flight attendants on the plane were very kind. They gave us to things to eat like pretzels and jetplane lollies. The plane wasn’t like the big boeings I normally fly on to Australia and the duration of the flight was quite short too. When we landed in Wellington my ears were aching, like a sharp pain was penetrating my head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble track Challenge part 2

Miss Ouano had instructed the whole class to get into groups with 3 people. “Hmmmm” I wonder what it is about. Then Miss answered my question.

The challenge was to construct a marble travel down hill and with at least a turn our tools were 6 pieces, 1 meter cello tape and scissors.

Our group was thinking about a lot of ways to construct our item but sadly all our ideas seemed to have collapsed. We made a lot of gutters but still we could not think of ideas time was running out and then we had to stop.

I think I tried my hardest in trying to help our group construct it but it never worked. We didn’t finish but we tried our best.

I will roll up 4 tubes and also roll 2 stands to keep our construction steady and stable. Then Starford is going to divide our cello tape in to 9 pieces to stick the tubes together.Gabriel will cut the holes in the tubes so that we can put the other tubes together.

First we halved some of our papers to make our papers shorter because the papers were to long. Then we got one of our strips of cello tape to tape it to the table. Gabriel taped the tube to the table and then cut a hole in the tube so that we could stick the other tube in.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trip to Wellington

The ambassadors are presenting at a conference in Wellington. Butterflies were fluttering around my stomach when we were told. I felt excitement and nervousness all in one moment.

The annoying alarm went off in my ears. Usually mum has to wake me up but today was different. I opened my eyes and quickly got myself organised for the day. It didn’t take long before we were on the road. We arrived at school and some of the ambassadors were already there. Mr and Mrs Burt asked us to come in and get a Year 7/8 jacket to wear down in Wellington. Miss Garden and Rita went to collect our netbooks from the class. Then we were instructed to put our own netbooks into our bags to take with us. After a few minutes had passed, the last of the ambassadors arrived and it was just about time to go. Once we had everything ready and after a quick prayer, we all hopped in Mr and Mrs Burt’s cars and drove to the airport.

“Hold onto your boarding pass” Mrs Burt instructed “Or else you can’t get on the plane or into the Koru Club” she warned. “Okay” we all said. There were eight of us altogether four boys and four girls on our way to windy Wellington.

Swimming for the first time

“Oh no” another length “man it is so tiring doing a length” I said to Waata
with exhaustion. Then it was my turn again it seemed so fast but this
time I felt alright because I listened to Mr Marks and his tips to help
me swim.

Waiting in the line to do another length was so cool because me and Waata were playing games Waata was winning and then I finally won my first game. I said “Oh yeah”.

“Hmmm” I thought to my self “Should I go into the big pool or the medium pool”. I decided to stay in the medium pool but then my Teacher Miss garden started to point at people showing them to the big pool then she pointed to me.

I nervously thought that that the pool was going to be cold but to my surprise it was pretty warm when I stuck my feet in. We had to sit on the edge of the pool and we had to move it was sore for my thighs.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vote for the best!

Can you decide which of the two introductions are the best. Then comment down on the white box and tell me which is the best.

I was munching away on my popcorn at the Sylvia Park cinemas then Boom!! Lighting struck down from the Hammer of Thor and blasted the destroyer. But it was like an Immortal so the Destroyer recovers from the attack and fires back.

I used sign language to tell my mum to pass the lollies please She passed the mix of the lollies we got from the lollie part at the cinemas.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is a book that the reading group called the Kiwis have been reading

Kiwis are nocturnal which means that they can see in the dark.
Kiwis live in the roots they sleep in the day and go and search for food at night time.
Kiwis are becoming Extinct to New Zealand because of Dogs, Cats and Rats.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Hit our Family takes

"Hi Uncle" I said sadly. Me and my mum went to visit my uncle Andrew everyday since he had been staying in hospital. What happened was, it was a normal and peaceful day and my Grandpa and Nana were watching T.V. Then my uncle started coughing loudly and it was getting worse to the point where he couldn't breathe. My Uncle had pneumonia, it is a lung infection that causes people not to breath properly and need penicillin for medicine. An ambulance was called and they took him to the hospital. He was sick and in hospital for 2 weeks. My mum and I visited him nearly everyday. Then one early morning my Grandpa rang up and said "Hanna, Ane's gone". Instantly mum began to cry. She had to ring my other uncle and aunty and tell them what had happened. My uncle Andrew Graham Paotama Lavakula passed on Thursday 19th April, 2011 at 2.00 am. Rest in Peace Uncle. We love and miss you very much.

This is a wordle for my uncle
      Wordle: Andrew

Playing with Picasa

We have been learning about a new Google App called Picasa. We can upload photos and also add captions then we put it as a slide show. We learnt how to embed our slide shows onto our blog.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Pt England Flag

My Pt England Flag

Hi my name is Darius.

My flag represents me having to show honest and always being truthful

I chose this design because of all the things Pt England showed me and gave me.

The first thing I did to make my art was to first sketch it and the use the vivid to over line what I sketched. Then after that I painted my out lined work after my painting was done I had to use pastel to help tidy it up but then I accidentally messed my work up and then I fixed it up. After that I used vivid again to tidy it up. Finished after all that hard work it’s finished.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My digital story

Darius Digital Story from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Two visitors came and helped the year five and six extension create this digital story their names are Erin and Docter Barret. Thank you Erin and Docter Barret and I hope you come again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why do babies need more sleep then grown ups

Babies are required to have more sleep then most adults. The smaller the baby the more sleep they need.

Babies just eat and sleep. Every time they are sleeping they are growing more and more. Young children do not need much sleep like babies but has to have more then adults.

Grown ups also need sleep for a period of time. While they are sleeping cells that are warn gets replaced. After their sleep time they must get up for work the next day.

Adults need food for energy because they are not growing any more. While young children and babies have food for energy, muscles and bones.Young children need energy to run they start running at the years 1-2.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soap Box Derby 2011

Soap Box Derby, have you heard of it? Probably not, because it's an all-American sport. It's like driving go-karts but with no engines. My job was being apart of the pit crew. Polishing, lifting and taking out the weights from the kart because some of the drivers were either lighter or heavy. All our drivers were amazing when they raced. Each driver placed first in one out of three of their races. My faovurite part of the day was when the Auckland City Council announced the prizegiving. The man announced "The best pit crew goes to, Point England School!". We all shouted "Woohoo!!" Thanks to Mr and Mrs Jacobsen for all their hard work on the day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Disaster

A force of nature obliterated japan on March Friday 11. Thousands of people have died and some are still missing in that Massive Earthquake. It is a terrifying sight surging waves keep attacking most of the city is now engulfed by water.

The Earthquake may have been big but it did not make massive damage because it was near the Pacific ocean which is to the north. Did you know that most Earthquakes hit japan so they are probably use to having Earthquakes. They even have their mobile phones to give warning that an Earthquake is happening. Their Earthquake was 8.9 magnitude. But something even bigger was coming.

After the big 8.9 Earthquake, another violent force of nature occurred the Tsunami had been triggered because . The tsunami was the problem it was 10 meters high and it did most of the damage because it set the nuclear plant off and fire spreaded all over all the fire which made more damage to japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last cricket training

“He’s out”!!!! How to play Cricket you say?? Well first thing is you need to find some space like a field then find some friends and a cricket coach. Then the cricket coach teaches how to play cricket. Then get your own gear.

Bowling the cricket ball is pretty easy if you have a strong arm and know the positioning of your hand. Then you have the wicket keeper you usually stand near the wickets and when the ball is hit then the out fielders pass it to the wicket keeper to get the batter out ,the batter is the one with the bat and our coach's taught us how to hold the bat and the out fielders just field for the ball.

The coach’s who taught me all this stuff about cricket were Hammot,Chris,Jamie and Robert he taught me how to do a front foot drive,attacking shot,what position to put your hand on the ball and what motion to bowl. I didn’t like cricket before but now I like it because I think I would be good as a bowler.