Thursday, July 31, 2014

Humanities Newspaper Article

Sydney Herald

Date: Wednesday 13th 1835
The English government have sent over a man to be known as a ‘British Resident’, James Busby. He has been sent to New Zealand as a response from the letter sent the by the native people. Maori people needed help because they felt they were being treated fairly by the English settlers.

It is said that when James arrived in New Zealand, the Maori people had no respect for him because his lack of firearms. They named him ‘man of war without guns’. James Busby forged a declaration of Independence. It was for the people of New Zealand to become an independent country.

Rumors have spread, saying that a Frenchman by the name of Charles de Thierry has said that he would invade New Zealand with a French army with hundreds of men. James Busby took this as a serious situation and travelled around the top half of New Zealand requesting Maori chiefs to sign the Declaration. The French government have informed us that the French have never actually wanted to claim New Zealand. Therefore Charles de Thierry, who was thought to have an army was a false statement.

New Zealand was now safe from French colonies and other threatening countries. From this we will hope to see New Zealand finally become one as a nation.