Monday, August 26, 2013

Cross Country Recount

The sun glistened across the grass, the muddy patches squashed against my feet. Butterflies scattered across my stomach as we began walking to the starting line. My heart pounding increasing by every second. Mr Burt blew the whistle and the race had begun. I started running, I noticed that I was at the back jogging with a few others.

As I reached the reserve I could already feel my legs starting to ache I was pacing myself well. At first I was running with James and then he stopped to wait for my other mates. I had reached halfway and I passed a small group of people all of them just walking. Finally finishing my first (because we had to do two) laps my legs really starting to burn.

A drop of sweat climbed down my head and hit my eye. I wiped my forehead with my t-shirt and saw that my legs and shorts were splattered with mud. I saw how much more I had to go and it wasn’t that far. Unexpectedly I hadn’t noticed that I was already just about to finish running the reserve.

The last 50 meters were right in front of me. I decided to have a sprint race with Patrick and obviously I lost but it was a tie the whole way until we came to the playground. 
But I had a lot of fun running I think that this was probably the best cross country I have ever ran.

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  1. Hey Darius
    This blogpost about cross country is really great. I had a fun time doing that run. I really like all the complex vocabulary that was used in this post. I could tell that you were really trying hard in the cross country. Anyway keep up the great work Darius.