Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visual Mihi

Fakalofalahiatu my name is Darius I am half niuean, half samoan . I am a year 8 this year attending Pt England school. I am a prefect this year I have a lot of responsibilities this year. These four emblems represent what values I treasure. I love to represent my cultures, religion and my favourite sports. My cultures have very beautiful island's and very wonderful patterns. I go to Equippers church in Manukau.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Fresh Start

Kia Ora my name is Darius I am in room 21 with my teacher Mrs Langitupu. This year I am a year 8 last year until college I am also a prefect for the school. I have a lot of responsibilities this year. I am in year 7/8 Extension. I can't believe how fast the years have gone and how I am going to college soon.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Back to Australia again!

Heading off again as usual. I fly over to Australia every year maybe twice, in the holidays to see my dad and my siblings. Have you ever flown by yourself? If you're my age it does feel a little bit scary but this was my second time flying unaccompanied so I wasn’t as anxious. When you fly by yourself you have would normally have a flight attendant watching you. Two of my favourite things to do on the plane is to watch movies and listen to music. Landing of the plane is not my favourite part most of the times the plane screech’s but fortunately the plane wasn’t that bad it was smooth landing. As soon as I hoped off the plane I was happy to see my dad. As soon as I got to my dads house I put bags into my baby brothers room and watched some movies then crashed.

One of the things that I did while there was go to was heading to Wet and Wild. The weather was scorching as soon as I headed outside it just overwhelmed me. Swimming was fantastic just hanging out with my dad his wife and my siblings. “Splash! Get over here” I said to my two younger siblings we were have a little fight in the pool. My little brother who was five and my sister who was three years old, were trying to punch and drown me ( I sort of taught them to be rough ). I didn’t go on any rides because I would have gone by myself and so I was looking after my younger brothers and sisters instead. It was packed to capacity with people.

Another thing that I did there was a lot of shopping (which I usually hate doing). My uncle Ailuai took me to a house near his place where they sold basketball singlets for $15 and caps for $10, he had the sale in his garage. They are all imported from U.S.A or thats what I overheard the seller say. When we got there there was a wall filled with snap back hats. They were all different colors and brands. My uncle said I could pick three hats. After a lot of thought I chose  three hats: Neff, Sorry I’m Fresh and Street Swag.

I always love coming to see my dad and my little siblings especially to come see my new baby brother Deandre. Can’t wait to go back again had a lot of fun. Most of the time I was there I was watched movies which was awesome. My favorite right now has got to be Pitch Perfect. Have you seen it yet? You should watch it!