Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bill MacLaren

During the past five weeks we have been training for the Bill Mclaren East team either Liston park or Tamaki Marist. Our coaches are Rob and Duane. The Bill Mclaren tournament is made up of four teams across Auckland, all open weight, Central, West, South and East.

 Our tournament started yesterday and our first game was against South. They have a reputation for being the hardest team to beat. I could sense that my team felt that they knew we were going to lose, a bunch of us were hurt including myself. My body ached from the bruises and my lungs burning as I tried my hardest to do my job as a forward. We lost in the end but I knew we could have won if we worked on tackling and completing sets.

 Today we had another game against West. We were all focused on the game plan and what our coaches told us to do. Halftime the score was 17-0 to us. However things went downhill after that. Our focus for the forwards was to protect the ball and give it out to the backs. We lost in the end and I felt like we let the game slip out of our hands.

 I think that Rugby is more physical than Rugby League. These last two games have taken toll on my body as I have bruises, cuts and scratches. Good thing is that I have learnt more skills about rugby and how to play the game better. I have also made some new friends.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela

In our literacy group with Mr's Nua we have been learning about the history and past of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela changed a lot of the world through his leadership.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pt England Be A Single Gender?

 I think that Pt England is fine as a co-ed school. Boys and girls work together well and can achieve a lot. Kids in Pt England school are doing well academically. Girls are more focused than boys so I think that sometimes boys need more focus than girls.

          But if Pt England was to become an all boys school I think that boys will probably focus more academically. Boys will be able to work together more and do well also in sports. If Pt England would also become an all girls school it would become well academic school. But I still think that Pt England is fine as a boys and girls school.

        Pt  England is becoming good school for both boys and girls. For the years to come I think that Pt England will stay a co-ed school

Twist On Hansel And Gretel

Once upon a time there were two brothers. They were alike in every way. They were brought up the same way, they were the same height, the same colored hair and skin, but their characteristics were completely contrary.

The brothers lived by themselves in a cottage deep in the woods.  Darius, he always had an evil glint in his eye and was always getting up to mischief. He had a short temper ready to blow his fuse, the minute anybody had a go at him. Gabriel on the other hand, he was a calm boy and he was never naughty. These two boys were always fighting. One day those two boys got very serious........

“SMASH!” The two boys were in the middle of a fight. Windows were smashing, chairs were getting tossed, and the boys were getting bruised. Gabriel didn’t want to fight anymore, so he sprinted it into the forest. A few seconds later, his brother lashed out and ran after him. “I will get you Gabriel” Darius yelled! After a long run Gabriel comes to a small candy cottage. With Darius on his tail, he ran inside.

They found themselves tumbling and making rackets inside the cottage. “Snif that smells like chocolate” Darius wondered. Not noticing an old lady in the corner she had a wicked smile on her face “Hello little children” her voice croaked as, the air suddenly turned as cold as the dark night. “What would you children like?” as her icy cold stare catches their eye’s. “Eat all you can eat.” A few hours later after they ate all they could, the witch threw Gabriel into a hot furnace. Building up with fury, Darius kills the witch then grabbed Gabriel out of the furnace.

“Gabriel, please don’t go...........” Darius said. He grabbed his brother then started to fill up with emotion. Tears had dropped from Darius’s eye’s then dripped onto Gabriel. With a flash of light, Gabriel springs up. “Gabriel!” Darius smiled.  They lived happily ever after.