Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Show Not Tell Darius & Marvin

Foot by foot we climbed the stair case which, lead us in to a dark hole which had a flow of water. As we plunged down the pitch black hole we felt the water rushing against our body. Then there was a light that lead out to a splash of water which went straight into my face. Can you guess what we are talking about???? Well we are not telling.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Year 7 Boys Softball Tournament 2012

On Tuesday our Year 7 Boys Softball team travelled to Rosedale Park in Albany to compete in the Auckland Softball Championship. Here is some footage from the day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Picnic

“Man I can’t wait to have the picnic at the Pt England reserve there’s going to be lots of activities to do but swimming is  the activity that I do not want to do”. At first the day was dull and cloudy as if it were going to rain but then it changed and the sun started to shine.

We got there and all I really wanted to do is play a good game of softball. So it started out as mixed teams but all of my friends wanted to stay together as one team some girls went into our team and some went into theirs. I did this really cool catch when I was on base two I bent down turned my glove and caught the ball or so I thought then as I started to lift it and then I lost control of the ball and then the ball fell out I was so disappointed at myself. The score was 10-0 and I was on the losing side only because I kept switching teams the reason was is that I really liked to field I feel that fielding is one of my acknowledgements about softball. As the game progressed my team had a very low score 30-4 man were we getting dominated.

As the game played lots of different people started to join in the year 8’s and the year 6’s all started to play but then I felt that there were to many people in the softball game. So I left and I suddenly thought to myself that I was really hungry and thirsty after playing 3 hours of softball I didn’t even realise but my feet were sore too. So I headed over to the my bag and started to scoff down my lunch.

After my lunch I went with Waata and Kingston P to collect some clay we saw lots of people and they had humongous amounts of clay. So we decided to try and make some clay but  ended up in a big humongous “nek minit it turned out wrong” I thought and then we started to tear it to pieces and threw it at the rock barrier. I said to Waata and Kingston that “we really stink at making clay don’t we” and we all just started to laugh.

This year the picnic was really fun I enjoyed the games and activites we had it I hope everybody else did anyway I can’t wait for next years one.

Dr Ben Carson

“Yay!! Were going to the Ben Carson lecture” I said to Marvin. The year 5,6,7,8 all rushed like a herd of wild bulls on to the buses that came and went off to the Telstra Clear Pacific  Centre. Now it was our turn.

Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, a place where there are quite a lot of gangs. His mother Sonya, dropped out of school in the third grade with very little education and was married at 13 years of age. Unfortunately his parents divorced when Benjamin was only 8 , the boys poor mother had to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to provide both of her sons.

Ben and Curtis fell behind in school so all the kids in his class started to call him horrible names such as dummy which caused him to let out all of his temper. One day he was opening his locker when a boy come up to him and tried to close it. Ben’s bad temper caused lots of trouble, one time he punched some body so hard that it caused a 3 meter gash in his head.

One day the teacher came in and showed the class a rock it was a rock that the kids had never seen before. Nobody put their hand up but Ben knew the answer but he wasn’t even confident so he waited for somebody to answer the question. Then Ben put his hand up and everybody was surprised and astonished some of them started to laugh and say.