Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving 2013!

Every year we have an annual event called prize giving. It’s when parents and their children comes together to celebrate this year and hand out awards to kids who have done well in some subjects this year. “These are the awards for Team 4!” Mr Burt announced, everyone was clapping and cheering for the kids who went on stage. After the awards were handed out Mr Burt said “Now it’s time for the Team 4 Item!”

After Team 4 had finished it was time for our awards to be handed out. “These awards are for Citizenship, 100% attendance and effort” Mr Burt said. As some people were going on stage parents and older siblings were coming up to the stage. More awards were being handed out and as time went on it started to heat up and my back was starting to ache. Then I heard that Mr Burt was handing out the sports awards.

“These are the awards for rugby rep” Mr Burt said. I knew I was going to get an award because I played for Bill Mclaren. My name was called and I walked to Mr Telea to get my certificate and medal. Then the Academics was announced 3rd place was Shoal, 2nd Makerita, 1st Vivienne. After all the awards were finished Mr Burt called up the Team 5 Item.

“Stand by me! Ohhh Stand by me!” We all sung. That was the last part to our Team 5 item. After everything was done Mr Burt said a prayer then everyone was free to leave. I went around talking, chatting and taking photo’s with people. At the end of the night I was really happy.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Highlights From Camp!

The sun glistened through the glass windows as we headed down to Rotorua. It was finally time for our Year 8 camp, we were heading to Camp Keswick down in Rotorua. The bus started up and we started our journey. It felt so long on the way down, two hours had passed and my body ached. We had a short stop for lunch, I got up and went outside for fresh air. Another hour passed and then the smell kicked in the smell of Rotorua was egg. I looked around and I saw a sign that said Camp Keswick, we had finally arrived.

“Okay now get into your cabin and set up where your each going to sleep” Mrs Nua said. I was just about to race into our cabin when I just remembered about grabbing my bags. I did a quick turn and went back to the bus to get my bags. I was the first in my room all my other roommates Waata, Crusader, Kington L, James and Raenan were just arriving.  

The first day we got there  The hike was an hour and a half and it was so hot, my skin was burning from the heat. Sweat covered my face as I ran down the hill, the wind blew into my face. My feet felt numb, but the momentum of going down hill kept me going. I could hear a big group of people below then I knew I had nearly finished. As I got closer I could see that there was a big line just waiting for everyone else to arrive.

My favourite part about the whole trip was going down the Luge. We arrived to see the bottom of the hill it seemed like it was going to take forever just to get to the top. The gondola arrived and we hopped in quickly it shook a little bit and then after a while it balanced out. Going up I looked around and I could tell that some people were scared. After 15 minutes had past we were at the top where we jumped off at the top.

We only had one free ride and when I was going down I was really nervous because I didn’t want to crash. I was going down the track as fast as I could without crashing, we finally reached the end after a long drive.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Yr8 Yearbook

Darius Yr8 Memories from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a short snippet of the main memories I have experienced here at Pt England School.

* How long have I been at Pt England School?
I have been at Pt England for 8 years
* Who were my teachers in each year level?
Year 1 - Mrs George
Year 2 - Ms Wood
Year 3 - Ms Mackinlay
Year 4 - Ms Garden
Year 5 - Ms Squires
Year 6 - Ms Garden
Year 7 - Ms Squires
Year 8 - Mrs Lagitupu

* Who were my friends?
Waata, Crusader, Kingston P, Kingston L, Samuela, James, Starford, Xavier, Raenan, Potaua, Jesiah.

* What was my best memory from school? My worst memory?
Best memory: When we went to Kawau Island in year 6.
Worst Memory: When we had Cross Country in year 7. It was really hard going through the bush walk because the ground was slippery and had sticks and twigs on the ground.

* What was my best/greatest achievement at school?
My greatest achievement was when I became a prefect and in year 4 when I got an academic award for 3rd place equal.

* What will I miss about being at Pt England School?
What I’m gonna miss most is the way learning at Pt England is using digital learning.

* What are my goals for the future?
To go to University and become a Lawyer, or become rugby league player.

* What advice do I have for other Pt England students?
Is to always have respect for your teachers.

Monday, November 25, 2013

SER Self-Explaining Roads


What I observed is that younger people have very different answers and sometimes are not very co-operating. When I was interviewing them some were very shy and some were really good at talking. I observed that the younger kids also would mostly say don’t know? So I had to try and change my language so that they could understand and try to answer the best they could.

I predict that
The things that I have learnt from this afternoon was that kids have very different perspectives. The age difference has a big effect because of the response’s


What I thought about the whole survey was that it was hard sometimes because people wouldn’t answer my survey when I sent it. So what I have learnt is that people do like walking around with the Islands in place.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Podcast

This Podcast was one of my latest podcast's. With my good friend Kingston.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Friends

Trouble, its a word that can describe my friends. Alot of my friends are troublemakers but all of them are fun to hang out with. I’ve been with my friends ever since Room 11 (Year 3). Ever since then we’ve all been friends, so of us have left for others schools as well.

When the bell rang we would all rush out to the fields, excitement rushed through as we were all keen to play. “Touch! It’s final!” Raenan called out. The ball soared in the air, out of no where Starford grabbed the ball and scored the try! “Briiiing!” the bell rang, we all walked back to class holding our shoes.

Even though sometimes we would have beef, in the end we would always end up being friends. In year 6 all of us started to split up because we were in different classes. Going into the intermediate school, even though we were split up we were all still tight. My mains are Waata, Crusader, Samuela, Raenan, James, Starford, Kendrix, Kingston L and P. All of these guy’s are my main friends.

This year (Year 8) were all tight. All of us still do the same thing playing touch, making jokes. We can mock each other but in the end were all still friends. Alot of us are going to different colleges and we probably won’t see each other ever again. Which is why we make the most of the time were still at Pt England school.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Narrative Writing Jungle

My memory slowly came back to me. What happened was so fast and I couldn’t react. Heat immediately surrounded my face. I looked around as sparks flew out of the engine of the machine. Oil leaked, flowing closer and closer towards the fire. An ugly premonition filled my head and I immediately knew I had to get out of there.

I stood up, and felt a sharp pain shoot up my leg. Instantly I fell back onto the ground, leaves and twigs that filled the ground. Helplessly I crawled but every time I moved my leg hurt even more. I grabbed a branch pulling with all my might trying to get as far as I could.

“Boom!” The plane exploded and bits of metal flew across and hit my leg. My ears pierced as I screamed. My body was covered in scratches and burns. Lying there my eye’s slowly started to lower, but I tried to stay awake. I kept crawling toward a tree and grabbed a long piece of wood and wrapped it around his leg

Monday, October 21, 2013

Volley Ball

“Control the ball!” Mr Barks instructed. My heart was pounding, I had no idea what to do? The ball was served the three front line were Starford, Kingston P, Jesiah. Starford bumped the ball, Jesiah set it and Kingston Spiked it onto the girls side. “Whee” Mr Barks whistled and pointed his arm out to our side.

I had never played Volley before which made it harder for me. We had our first practise with the people who made it past the first trials. The group who made the cut were Starford, Jesiah, Kingston P, Hosanna, Dillon, Tana, Raenan, Richard and me. Practice was intense for me, because I had never really played before. To be honest I just copied what the boys around me.

As the game went on I eventually got better, I knew how to set the ball but I was nervous about my dig. We rotated again and I was in the middle, front row. I had sweat dripping down my face the ball was coming my way I set the ball and it went to Hosanna and he hit it over the net.

My favourite thing in Volleyball is spiking the ball onto the other court. Spiking if you don’t know what that means it’s you make contact with the ball and with alot of force. But one thing I don’t like is if you touch the net it’s an instant point for the other team.

One reason why I enjoy this sport is because it’s not to hard on your body and it’s not to easy. Another reason is I barely play the sport as well. I hope to keep playing this kind of sport as well.  Here is a Volleyball clip.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Massive Camp 2013

“Hey are you coming to Massive camp?” Carla asked. I replied “ Yup!” Massive Camp is an annual church event, people aged 10-13 come together and learn about how God can impact your life. The time had finally arrived we were all on the bus squashed like tuna in a can. We were heading down to Ngaruawahia. The ride down was horrible it was so packed with bags everywhere I looked. a

Finally we arrived and got set up in our own cabins, I was in cabin 11 with most of my mates. The first night we were watching movies on a laptop which our cabin leader brought along with him. Waking up was hard because of the time we went to sleep was about one in the morning.

One of my highlights was the water slide that was there, it was so fun and yet so cold. “Ohhh” As I sped down, looking at the mini pool and then I knew I should've prepared first. “ARGGHH” The water was so cold it felt as cold as ice.  Every time, you would enter the mini pool at the end it froze every part of your body.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D.L.O World War 2 (Made by Kingston, Darius, Raenan)

World War 2 K,R,D from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In our D.L.O we were trying to show that world war 2 was a massacre to the people that were involved in the War. A lot people didn’t return to their country they were either lost in action, or killed. What we learnt from this event was that a lot of people were trying to fight for their own countries.

What I thought was positive was that we had finally finished our D.L.O. (Wasn’t on time though, but we had acting for production) We had good animations and a good voice over. We worked together well as a team, we got out tasks finished as well. Our sound track was a good suit for our movie.
What I thought that wasn’t good is that sometimes we would go off task and sometimes not focus on our main objective. Another Minus was that we didn’t finish the D.L.O on time.  We could have focused more on our Storyboard and involved more acting as well.  I think we should show more drama instead next time.

What I found was interesting is that World war 2 was so big that the events that we chose was the starting of World War 2 and the ending. Another thing that was interesting was we finished the movie.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Eastern Zone Basketball

Drips of sweat, overwhelmed my face as we headed to the ASB Stadium getting ready to play Basketball. Finally we arrived at the stadium, we headed inside. My eyes adjusted to the light and saw that there were a lot of teams scattered around. We set our bags down and had our first game in about 5 minutes.

Walking slowly down the stairs the pressure started to build as we headed out on to the courts. “Okay the starting team jump on” Mr Barks instructed. We were up against St Thomas and then when we were ready the ref blew the whistle. “I got him!” Raenan shouted. St Thomas had the possession and their PG (Point Guard) moved the ball up the court he drove to the basket and drew the foul.

Fortunately we won the first game, I squirted water in my mouth and instantly felt refreshed. My legs were running up and down the court trying to stop the ball from going in our hoop. It was halftime and we were winning by a large amount of points. By the end of the game we had beaten them. So we had won both of our games and only had one team left to beat.

Parnell hopped onto the court they looked like they were ready. Starford won the tip off and we started with the ball first. Raenan our PG brought the ball up, he drove to the basket and scored the first two points. Half time we were losing and unfortunately we did end up with a loss.

We didn’t make it to the playoffs but if we had won our last game we would have gone to the playoffs. So we placed 3rd out of our pool. I had a really good experience playing Basketball, I want to keep playing as well.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Man Up! 2013

Man Up has finally arrived again. Man Up is an annual event where men can gather and hear what mens purpose . This year we headed down to Taupo last year however we went to Rotorua. I was going to head down with one of my close mates Danny, his brother Bishop and their dad Phill  .

My head was filled with the things I had to remember to pack, my stomach was filled with butterflies. I heard my mum call out “Son we’re going now”. Lifting my bag up I felt the weight of how much clothes I had packed. We arrived at church and I saw more men waiting for the bus. We packed everything onto the bus and somehow squeezed everything onto it. The trip seemed like we were driving in circles because it was too dark to see anything until three hours later when we finally arrived.
I looked outside my window but unfortunately the condensation blocked my view. We all made a little queue to get out of the bus, Getting out was easy handling the cold was hard it felt like we were in a freezer when we were down there. I walked into the Recreation Center and saw lights flashing and people just praising God, I instantly knew that Man Up was gonna be AMAZING!

After the service we headed back to the Backpackers where we headed into the our room. My mates that were in the room were Tremaine, Shonbanet, Jamal, Leo and Danny. We had a mini party in our room were we just ate a lot of junk food. Waking up I felt pretty good but I looked at my other mates they looked like they only had a couple of hours sleep.

Pastor Sergio was preaching to us about how the men can never out serve the woman. He also talked about how to treat a woman when she becomes your wife. I thought that Pastor Sergio is an amazing preacher and I wish that he can come back next year.

If you want to come to such an event then just head to a church called Equippers you can search it up online. Next year also we will be heading to Rotorua its going to be amazing as always. Click here if you wanna know more.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cross Country Recount

The sun glistened across the grass, the muddy patches squashed against my feet. Butterflies scattered across my stomach as we began walking to the starting line. My heart pounding increasing by every second. Mr Burt blew the whistle and the race had begun. I started running, I noticed that I was at the back jogging with a few others.

As I reached the reserve I could already feel my legs starting to ache I was pacing myself well. At first I was running with James and then he stopped to wait for my other mates. I had reached halfway and I passed a small group of people all of them just walking. Finally finishing my first (because we had to do two) laps my legs really starting to burn.

A drop of sweat climbed down my head and hit my eye. I wiped my forehead with my t-shirt and saw that my legs and shorts were splattered with mud. I saw how much more I had to go and it wasn’t that far. Unexpectedly I hadn’t noticed that I was already just about to finish running the reserve.

The last 50 meters were right in front of me. I decided to have a sprint race with Patrick and obviously I lost but it was a tie the whole way until we came to the playground. 
But I had a lot of fun running I think that this was probably the best cross country I have ever ran.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dr Darry Joseph

Dr Darryn Joseph

Dr Darryn Joseph works as a Writer he is also a Doctor. He has published just over 24 books in maori a range of different types of books. e.g Picture books to chapter books and textbooks. Darryn Joseph studied at Massey University for 12 years he gives lectures about Te Reo Maori.

After Dr Darryn Joseph won an award for a book called Huia Short Stories Te Pakiwaitara i te reo Māori mā ngā Pakeke. He was asked to start illustrating for children in 2003. One of his books called Rangi Tautoru was his first book where he tried to mix Maori with Science fiction.

His latest book that he has written is called Te Poi Koiora. The book is about the plan for how the climate will change and appreciating the resources we have. He has read 8000 comic books. What I look forward to this Thursday is the questions I have for him.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Danny's Birthday

    “Do you have your things packed son?”, questioned my mum. I was rushing around like a headless chook packing my stuff for my friend Danny’s sleepover. “Phew”! I thought after about fifteen minutes of looking in my cupboards I was finally ready to head to Danny’s Birthday. “Okay mum, I’m finished packing” I answered.

Arriving at the house I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. Slowly plodding inside the house, I saw my mate Leo and Danny’s brother playing Minecraft. I got my bags out of the way and started playing Black Ops 2 on XBox 360. Time passed and more of the boys from church arrived. When all my mates had turned up we headed off to the basketball court up the road for a gram. So that meant that Danny’s parents could get dinner ready.

After our three on three basketball game, we ran back home ready to eat. “ Happy Birthday to you!” We all sang in harmony. “Amen” Danny’s mum said. There was a feast before us Pizza, chips, cookies and doughnuts everything I had a piece of. After the massive feed we went back into the lounge and played X-box games. Most of the time I was just playing the guitar while my mates focused on the T.V.

“Okay now you guys have to go to sleep okay?” Danny’s Dad told us as it was getting late. “Yup” we all answered. But we didn’t listen, instead we all stayed up until 3.00am then we decided to go to sleep. Waking up I regret going to sleep that late, my eyes sagged and my body mimicking my eyes.

In the service I fell asleep in church. I had a really fun night hanging out with my mates. I was really lucky to go because my mum said I wasn’t allowed to go the week before. Danny is one of my closest friends at church. It was a nice way to end the holidays.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bill MacLaren

During the past five weeks we have been training for the Bill Mclaren East team either Liston park or Tamaki Marist. Our coaches are Rob and Duane. The Bill Mclaren tournament is made up of four teams across Auckland, all open weight, Central, West, South and East.

 Our tournament started yesterday and our first game was against South. They have a reputation for being the hardest team to beat. I could sense that my team felt that they knew we were going to lose, a bunch of us were hurt including myself. My body ached from the bruises and my lungs burning as I tried my hardest to do my job as a forward. We lost in the end but I knew we could have won if we worked on tackling and completing sets.

 Today we had another game against West. We were all focused on the game plan and what our coaches told us to do. Halftime the score was 17-0 to us. However things went downhill after that. Our focus for the forwards was to protect the ball and give it out to the backs. We lost in the end and I felt like we let the game slip out of our hands.

 I think that Rugby is more physical than Rugby League. These last two games have taken toll on my body as I have bruises, cuts and scratches. Good thing is that I have learnt more skills about rugby and how to play the game better. I have also made some new friends.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela

In our literacy group with Mr's Nua we have been learning about the history and past of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela changed a lot of the world through his leadership.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pt England Be A Single Gender?

 I think that Pt England is fine as a co-ed school. Boys and girls work together well and can achieve a lot. Kids in Pt England school are doing well academically. Girls are more focused than boys so I think that sometimes boys need more focus than girls.

          But if Pt England was to become an all boys school I think that boys will probably focus more academically. Boys will be able to work together more and do well also in sports. If Pt England would also become an all girls school it would become well academic school. But I still think that Pt England is fine as a boys and girls school.

        Pt  England is becoming good school for both boys and girls. For the years to come I think that Pt England will stay a co-ed school

Twist On Hansel And Gretel

Once upon a time there were two brothers. They were alike in every way. They were brought up the same way, they were the same height, the same colored hair and skin, but their characteristics were completely contrary.

The brothers lived by themselves in a cottage deep in the woods.  Darius, he always had an evil glint in his eye and was always getting up to mischief. He had a short temper ready to blow his fuse, the minute anybody had a go at him. Gabriel on the other hand, he was a calm boy and he was never naughty. These two boys were always fighting. One day those two boys got very serious........

“SMASH!” The two boys were in the middle of a fight. Windows were smashing, chairs were getting tossed, and the boys were getting bruised. Gabriel didn’t want to fight anymore, so he sprinted it into the forest. A few seconds later, his brother lashed out and ran after him. “I will get you Gabriel” Darius yelled! After a long run Gabriel comes to a small candy cottage. With Darius on his tail, he ran inside.

They found themselves tumbling and making rackets inside the cottage. “Snif that smells like chocolate” Darius wondered. Not noticing an old lady in the corner she had a wicked smile on her face “Hello little children” her voice croaked as, the air suddenly turned as cold as the dark night. “What would you children like?” as her icy cold stare catches their eye’s. “Eat all you can eat.” A few hours later after they ate all they could, the witch threw Gabriel into a hot furnace. Building up with fury, Darius kills the witch then grabbed Gabriel out of the furnace.

“Gabriel, please don’t go...........” Darius said. He grabbed his brother then started to fill up with emotion. Tears had dropped from Darius’s eye’s then dripped onto Gabriel. With a flash of light, Gabriel springs up. “Gabriel!” Darius smiled.  They lived happily ever after.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Creative Reflection

6 Hats:

Red Hat:
Darius: I felt like it was a very easy task only because of our choice which was dancing. I think that we could've done more work as well.

Darius: An interesting thing that I found out was that I can’t dance. Another interesting fact was that I learnt that my friends aren’t good dances.

Darius: Thing’s I didn’t enjoy was dancing live in front of everybody. I also didn’t enjoy was sitting around.

Darius: I enjoyed co-operating with my friends. I also enjoy making the movie.

Darius: The things I learnt was that I should learn to work harder. Another thing I learnt was that I should learn to not muck around.

Darius: A self reflection for myself would be that I shouldn't have mucked around so much. Another one was that I should try to help more.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Student Prospective

The treacherous climb frightened me to the bone. I held on to each rock as my strength depleted. After all my hard work I reached the peak of the mountain. I pulled myself up to find a glimmer of the sun and my objective was just up ahead.

           Arriving at the school my heart pounding as I knocked on the door. The master appeared in front of me. His robes dragged behind him as he approached me. He pointed away, I sighed my head dropped and I plodded away. I calmed my breathing and started meditating in front of the door.

          Day and Night had passed I focused on my meditating. The master came out again and his actions were the same. I left sad my dreams crushed then I felt this anger in me, I kicked down the door and entered  my fighting stance . The master pointed again this time I looked and there was a sign it said please use the side entrance.

         I bowed I was embarrassed the master however gave me a piercing look.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Richmond 100 Years Anniversary

“Huhh” my brain thought. “Don’t get up body” said my body. “We have to because it’s too cold to lie in bed when mum has taken the blankets off you” argued my body. I thought very long and eventually counted back from ten then I got up.

Heavily plodded slowly to my drawers to my legs my gear ready to play for take out today. Putting on my warm clothes to wear down to the Richmond club I quickly hurried. Today was the 100th anniversary for the club. The game was starting at 1:00 pm and we were going to play Mt Albert lions. I felt so tired but really excited at the same time, because I didn’t get to play on Saturday ( due to illness). Hopped in the car mum and I started making our way to the club.

We arrived at 9:30 and walked down to the second field to find a big stage with elderly people sitting on chairs, Cake stalls lined up, bouncy castles and more fun and games. People on the main stage were giving speeches and giving information about past players.  My mum and I strolled around looking at the cake stalls. Eventually we became bored so we headed back to the car to have some morning tea.

I walked to the club rooms to get changed with my other teammates. “Surprised”  I thought as my eyes stared. The new jerseys looked better than the old ones, the only thing I didn’t like were the shorts they were tight and  shiny. “Okay boys I want to see your mouth guard” asked the referee. “I want no tackles above the armpits okay boys” she informed both teams.

I tackled one of their props “boys hold the defense line” I shouted. We had a penalty and I ran it up straight and bumped off one of their forwards “yeah” I thought in my head. That was my only hit up of the game the rest off the game I spent tackling. It was tiring and I couldn't wait for it to be over. In the end we lost. Our team has lots of things to work on. I'm proud to have played for a club that my dad use to play for. Our names also went into a time capsule that will be buried and re-dug and read out in 50 years time. I'll be 62 years old!! haha. The end of the game all of us came together to and shook hands. <----- link to Richmond club

Monday, May 27, 2013

Obesity Report

Obesity in America:

America is the leading country in obesity statistics. Many people in America have a bad diet.  60 million people in America are obese are at the age of 20. Nine million children and teens are obese in the USA as well.

Unhealthy diets:
Obesity is caused by eating too much junk food and not doing enough exercise. There’s a restaurant in America called the Heart Attack Grill where they sell burgers where they’re triple patties and quadruple patties in one burger. The spokesperson of the restaurant died from a heart attack.  A lot of American food is really unhealthy.

Problems from obesity :
Obesity causes major health problems like heart attacks, heart disease and diabetes. They can sometimes lose limbs because of the weight and the pressure on their joints. Obese people also have short breath when walking around the house and also have bad knee problems. Obese people do have a lack of mobility to move around because of their weight and size.  

Death from obesity:
The number of estimated deaths from obesity around the world is 300,000 deaths per year. Obesity causes a lot of people to have a shorter life time. People who are obese have to have bigger coffins that can hold their weight instead of a normal coffin. Obesity can affect life as well as death.

An easy way to avoid becoming obese is to eat less junk food and exercising daily. Having a healthy diet will also help to avoid obesity.