Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Harlem Shake

Do you know what the Harlem Shake is? If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is look on YouTube Many versions are to be described like a flash mob but even crazier. Harlem is one of the fifty states which represent U.S. People in Harlem are criticized to the dance named Harlem Shake because it is not the true and proper dance.

Room 21 did a Harlem Shake it was so fun when we did it. Students acting like maniacs with a lot props and costumes. We got the opportunity to make one because our principal gave a task to all of the school to make the most funniest video that they could make.

If I were to change something? I wouldn't change a thing because of how awesome the dance is. I really like the Harlem shake and wouldn't mind being in another one.

Harlem Shake is a very popular thing on YouTube. Versions of it include many unique and original ideas. These versions include Sky diving, underwater, washing machine and there was one with Barack Obama in the middle of a meeting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Church On Sunday

“Could all the leaders stay after church” Carla asked. She was one of the main leader who looked after the intermediate group named Massive. If you didn’t know I go to Equippers Church Manukau, Auckland City. There are four groups in Massive called Island Swag (that's my group), Rhythmatics, IDK and West Tigers. They each have a leader which looks after the team and shows them what to do.

Luckily after church Carla took all the Massive group leaders including me to a special day out. We took the Church van and went to KFC and all had something to eat it was Magnificent. After that we headed back to church and had a little meeting about how we can improve our leadership skills.

“Hi my name is Darius and my earliest childhood memory was when I was 4 and I used to play sword fighting by myself” I said anxiously. We all had to speak about our earliest childhood memory. After our little discussion we went into the main auditorium and started playing with the lights and instruments.

“YAY!” I was so excited to go to laser strike in Mt Wellington. “Enjoy your game” the game instructor said, Putting the vest on I put on backward like a idiot thats what my friend called me. I got into the game and looked for the enemy base. At the end of the game I scored the highest out of my team and placed 3rd.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Presenting for Telecom

Yesterday the prefects and I headed down to Tamaki College for a very special presentation. I was very nervous because I was one of the speakers and there were lots of people. I shared about what we do at school and how blogging and netbooks have helped me with my learning. If you look closely you can see my blog and one of my posts on the screen behind me. Click here to see some of the footage. Our presentation was not because of the recent job losses that are about to happen at Telecom.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Earthquake In Auckland City

This was one of the first Earthquakes that I had felt in my whole life. There were two Earthquakes which hit Auckland city. The first Earthquake was at 4.01and the magnitude was 3.1magnitude and 6km deep. It reached the North-East of Auckland and the South-Coast of Motutapu.

The second Earthquake was 4min right after the first one but it had a 3.9 magnitude and a 5km radius.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Writing Sample

“Bring Bring” the bell died out eventually. Okay class today we will be focusing on our art projects everyone has started umm except for you miss Izzy” she pointed out. “Well I haven’t started because I just joined this school” I thought. The old school that I went to was called Glendowie Primary. My parents moved so I had to enroll to this school Pt Paris Intermediate.

“Izzy you must finish your painting before Friday” Miss Lavakula instructed me all I heard was “blablabla”. “Come sit over here” one of the girls called. I strolled over to see blue streaks of hair slide across my face. “Hi my name is Martha and this is my sister Makayla” She said cheerfully. Her sisters hair was the opposite to Martha is was a vibrant streak of red.” Well would you like to start” Miss Lavakula put a piece of paper in my hand. “Hmm where’s my pencil gone?” I wonder hopelessly probably never to find it. “Do you have a spare pencil my seems to be gone?” “No sorry mine was stolen we have stealers in our class”

So for the whole entire block I spent looking for a pencil. I’m sure I saw one under the table I went to grab it but it disappeared like it was made out of thin air “Something feels wrong” I thought. Wait it was 11:00 shouldn’t the bell had rung I looked for the bell and it was gone just like the pencil. I asked the principal “what happened to the bell” he replied “What bell?” He acted like there never was a bell.

I investigated and a whole heap of things had gone the chairs, windows, cars, teachers even Martha’s sister was gone. I asked “Martha where’s your sister?” before she told me an answer a massive black hole swallowed her “Ahhh” I screamed the black hole turned to me. Was this the end after all these years this is how it ends with Izzy the girl who’s life was a misere about to be eaten alive by a black hole?

“Izzy Izzy!” Martha called you were hit by a ball and started screaming “Black hole Black hole!” Did you have a night mare? “Yes it was a dream to remember” I said