Friday, July 20, 2012

"Brown Brother"

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. All of the prefect’s at the school had to prepare a speech to share. Rishard (Joshua’s friend) filmed his poem and uploaded it onto Youtube. Campbell Live came across Joshua’s poem and asked him to come to the studio and to interview him.

 The name of his poem is called “Brown Brother”. He talks about stereotypes and his poem is very inspirational. It talks about how people shouldn't listen to stereotypes. Stereotypes are people's ideas of how things should be done but it is not always right.

This poem that he shared may have been emotional for some people and inspiring for others. The way he presented his speech was very effective because it was almost like he was rapping but not rapping, preaching but not preaching and speaks a lot of truth about today's society . He talked about a lot of issues that people could relate to and wouldn't like to talk about. You can become anything you want if you just trust God and yourself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gone Fishing! 

Head to this link to find me catching the massive snapper

"Mum, do you know where we are going??" I asked curiously. "I don't know where we are but I'm pretty sure we weren't suppose to drive over the harbour bridge",my mum said nervously. After our little tiki tour we headed back over the bridge into the city driving to the West Haven Mariner. We parked up and unloaded the car with our chilly bin which had our lunch packed, water and we brought some bait from a cafe. On the snapper charters we headed on to a boat named Snapper Fishing Charters. A few people were already on the boat, some with children and some flying solo. My mum was so relevied to be there before the boat left, they were just getting ready to depart.

"Okay now are we ready to go!" The skipper questioned us. The manager did a head count and then we were off to fish. "First time fishing" I thought. We sailed past Misson Bay, Rangitoto Island and stopped not far from Motatapu island. We stopped around there and started fishing while the boat drifted. We had to go all the way out there because it was winter and the fish don't come in as close as they would in Summer. One of the lady's on the boat named Emma gave us rods to borrow and showed us how to bait and reel in the fish.

Lunch was perfect for a very cold day. It wasn't a buffet it wasn't McDonalds or Denny's, it was just a plain sausage sizzle and a delicious creamy potato salad. "Let's fire up the BBQ", the skipper instructed us. As soon as my mum finished cooking the sausages, we shared out the rest of the sausages. I had 3 sausages and two bowls of salad. "Man, I was full" I thought in my head. We set off fishing again.

The first fish I caught (in my entire life) was called a yellow tailed fish, it was small but I was buzzing out at the catch. I also caught a couple of kahawai and another snapper but it was medium sized. The biggest fish that I caught, was a Snapper (see photo). It weighed in about 5 pounds which is roughly about 2.5 kilograms. After I caught it, my mum and I disscused that we should give the Big Snapper to my Grandpa for his birthday. It was in a few days. So as soon as we left the harbour we headed straight to my Grandpa's house to show him the fish that I caught.

That was a really good first experience of fishing for my first time. Next time I want to try catch alot more fish than I did that day. It was very cold as well, the only time I felt warm was when the sun shone down on me. I can't wait to go fishing again! Did you know that you can only catch 9 snapper? And they have to be at least 27cm long, anything less has to be thrown back into the ocean. Make sure you take a chilly bin and ice for the fish you catch.