Friday, June 21, 2013

My Creative Reflection

6 Hats:

Red Hat:
Darius: I felt like it was a very easy task only because of our choice which was dancing. I think that we could've done more work as well.

Darius: An interesting thing that I found out was that I can’t dance. Another interesting fact was that I learnt that my friends aren’t good dances.

Darius: Thing’s I didn’t enjoy was dancing live in front of everybody. I also didn’t enjoy was sitting around.

Darius: I enjoyed co-operating with my friends. I also enjoy making the movie.

Darius: The things I learnt was that I should learn to work harder. Another thing I learnt was that I should learn to not muck around.

Darius: A self reflection for myself would be that I shouldn't have mucked around so much. Another one was that I should try to help more.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Student Prospective

The treacherous climb frightened me to the bone. I held on to each rock as my strength depleted. After all my hard work I reached the peak of the mountain. I pulled myself up to find a glimmer of the sun and my objective was just up ahead.

           Arriving at the school my heart pounding as I knocked on the door. The master appeared in front of me. His robes dragged behind him as he approached me. He pointed away, I sighed my head dropped and I plodded away. I calmed my breathing and started meditating in front of the door.

          Day and Night had passed I focused on my meditating. The master came out again and his actions were the same. I left sad my dreams crushed then I felt this anger in me, I kicked down the door and entered  my fighting stance . The master pointed again this time I looked and there was a sign it said please use the side entrance.

         I bowed I was embarrassed the master however gave me a piercing look.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Richmond 100 Years Anniversary

“Huhh” my brain thought. “Don’t get up body” said my body. “We have to because it’s too cold to lie in bed when mum has taken the blankets off you” argued my body. I thought very long and eventually counted back from ten then I got up.

Heavily plodded slowly to my drawers to my legs my gear ready to play for take out today. Putting on my warm clothes to wear down to the Richmond club I quickly hurried. Today was the 100th anniversary for the club. The game was starting at 1:00 pm and we were going to play Mt Albert lions. I felt so tired but really excited at the same time, because I didn’t get to play on Saturday ( due to illness). Hopped in the car mum and I started making our way to the club.

We arrived at 9:30 and walked down to the second field to find a big stage with elderly people sitting on chairs, Cake stalls lined up, bouncy castles and more fun and games. People on the main stage were giving speeches and giving information about past players.  My mum and I strolled around looking at the cake stalls. Eventually we became bored so we headed back to the car to have some morning tea.

I walked to the club rooms to get changed with my other teammates. “Surprised”  I thought as my eyes stared. The new jerseys looked better than the old ones, the only thing I didn’t like were the shorts they were tight and  shiny. “Okay boys I want to see your mouth guard” asked the referee. “I want no tackles above the armpits okay boys” she informed both teams.

I tackled one of their props “boys hold the defense line” I shouted. We had a penalty and I ran it up straight and bumped off one of their forwards “yeah” I thought in my head. That was my only hit up of the game the rest off the game I spent tackling. It was tiring and I couldn't wait for it to be over. In the end we lost. Our team has lots of things to work on. I'm proud to have played for a club that my dad use to play for. Our names also went into a time capsule that will be buried and re-dug and read out in 50 years time. I'll be 62 years old!! haha. The end of the game all of us came together to and shook hands. <----- link to Richmond club