Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mt Wellington, Maungarei

Maungarei is the Maori name for Mt Wellington. The Maori tribes used this mountain for spotting enemies. They also used it for growing plants and growing their own food.
Here is some footage of me standing on Mt Wellington and what I saw there.
To find out more information about Mt Wellington click here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Rugby Game

"Pass the ball!" "Tackle, tackle!" "Get in the scrum!" Have you figured it out yet?
Well, last week on Friday our school rugby teams played against Viscount school in Mangere. I had to play for the Over 45kg team. We had to wait because the Under 45kg were the first team to play. When we played our game, there were some big boys but we still took the challenge even though we were losing. Then finally Joe scored a try. The boy wearing number 13 from the other team was gasing us all and he got three tries.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chidokan Fightathon May 2010

“Iyaahh!” I do karate, it is a form of martial arts. On Saturday we had a Fightathon. “What is a Fightathon?” you ask, well it is when you have 30 fights against grades that higher than yellow belt. We only got to spar for two minutes. First I was scared because of the black belts, all the other higher grades and the adults who were all part of the Fightathon. There were only four people from my Dojo. My first fight was against a person from my dojo. I was punching, kicking, foot sweeping and trying to score as many points as I could. Did you know that sparring is like trying to hit them as many times as you can to score points. The fights I really hated was when I had to fight against the black belts. Like I had to fight against this old man that was a black belt. It was two against one. We got wasted by him…far, I punched in the mouth by him and it was wet as. Yuck!

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