Monday, April 29, 2013

Fiafia 2013

Fiafia, if you don’t know what that is, well it’s when our school cultural groups get together to perform. Our school has it every two years but this year we were lucky because our principal decided to take the stage out onto the field. I was really excited for Fiafia this year. This year was also a special year because it was the 60th anniversary for our school.

“Now you have to select the group that you want to be in this year, remember you have three choices” Mrs Langitupu (our teacher) instructed us. I know I couldn’t pick anything other group then my normal choice Niue because my mother always puts me in it. “Thursday is the day when you all leave to your practice” Mrs Langitupu said. Then the day arrived Thursday.

It approached really quickly the day for fiafia I felt really relaxed on the night. We all strolled to the courts everything so dark and people crowding around my body looking at everybody there looked like more than one-thousand or more people. Going to sit down at the row we were allocated I really started to feel the butterflies in my stomach fluttering around frantically. I really wanted to see the other groups perform their items. We were right after the Uni-Cyclers group.

My mind racing of the things that I should be doing as soon as the performance starts. The conch shell blew and it was all about to start. We started the item with the Hopo (jump), Ta me (action-song) and last was the Takalo (war dance). Once it was over I felt really thankful for everything that the tutors had done but now I just got to sit down and watch the other groups perform.

One of the groups that I really wanted to watch was the Barkerville factor group. Which I think they smashed a car and made beats. If I was to pick another group to, I would have been in the Cook-Island drumming group.

Niue Fiafia 2013
This was a little highlight

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Break Away Holiday Program

“Welcome to the Breakaway Program the next few days I will be your coordinator and for those who don’t know me my name is Mua” he said. If you have nothing to do in the holidays you should head to Gladding Place for some fun. The first thing that we to do was get into four teams, our team leader was Junior. Our team name was ASAP MOB, I came up with that name. The other teams were Nacho Calves, Crood Knight and Team Hype.

Vienna (one of the team leaders) gave us multiple challenges which included team building. One of the first challenges we were tasked with the human knot. Human Knot means you grab someone’s hand opposite in your little group of people. You have to try and free your whole team in a perfect circle.  But the only rule was you weren’t allowed to let go of their hands. Unfortunately our team came last and we didn’t even finish.

My favourite part of the Holiday program was going to Turbo touch at one of the indoor sport center in Manukau. I really enjoyed playing Turbo touch. The rules are you are allowed to pass it in any direction you like, you only get two touches and you have to plant it in the goal line to score a try. In the finals for first and second it was ASAP MOB against Team Hype. We were leading in the first half 4-1 but we lost the lead and they one try it was 5-6.

Last day for Break away was pretty long and boring. We arrived at our destination, Hamilton Zoo. While roaming around at the Zoo we saw a lot of different animals like Tigers, Lima’s, Hunting dogs, Rhinos and we even saw some spider monkeys. The enclosures for each animal were pretty massive especially the Apes. On the way back, I fell asleep and my friends however tried to draw on my face but I covered up with my clothes.

Breakaway program was fun, new and exciting for me because I got to hang out with all my mates. I can’t wait to go back next holidays and I might see you there.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 is finally coming to an end and I can’t wait until the holidays. One of my highlights of the term were going to Tamaki Tech the group that I got put in was the graphics. Mr Pehnada has taught a lot about drawing and art. Over the past couple of weeks we started a project where we had to make up a restaurant name and make a restaurant box.

Another one of my highlights this term was Wacky Hair day, the prefects (including me) had a idea to make a special day where people bring wacky hair and we as prefects judge who had the best hair doo. “Okay anyone who is in years 3-4 please come up on the stage” a heap of little people walked up anxiously looking around the place. “Thank you for coming up now you can go and sit back down” I said my heart rate beating at an accelerating rate.

So over the term many exciting things have happened. But now the big thing that’s happening is Fia Fia is coming up and it’s going to be BIG! Each group has a unique things in everything, I’m in the Niuean group representing my culture. Fia fia will be at the end of the term on the very last day.

I think for next term my goal is I will try to get involved in more things and work harder in class time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Game Of The Season

Butterflies fluttering around in my stomach anxiously waiting for Te Atatu Roosters to arrive at the club. The weather looking dark grey and cloudy just waiting to rain on us. First game for the season of rugby league was pretty exciting I was on the starting lineup playing second rower. “Okay I want to see mouth guards in you hands no tackles above the armpit” the referee instructed.

“Forwards run the ball!” Our second five Terakia called. Our last man ran the ball and made 15 meters, I took the next run up and then the other second rower. “Try” the ref said this was our 2nd try and it was halftime. “Backs you need to set your line better forwards need to drive through the middle of the defence” our coach instructed us.

Our last man Denzel scored a hat trick with 3 runaway try’s we were winning by far the score was 36-10 . I took another run this time I ran into the maker. One point in the game I made a run but this little guy tried to tackle my legs instead got kneed in the face I felt sorry for him because he got up crying. Most of the game I was on defense and trying to tackle them.

Just before end of the game the 2nd five Terakia chipped the ball over the defense and the winger Jacob dived on it. The ref called no try because she couldn't see the ball being planted. The score at the end of the game was 36-10 to us. After the game I was really thankful that the game was finished and over because I really wanted to go home and play games.

Friday, April 5, 2013

What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter is a time to remember what Jesus was crucified for our sins. Centuries ago Jesus decided to sacrifice himself to save all people from their sins. John 3:16 says for God loved the world so much he gave his only son to save our sins, so whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. That was one of the scriptures which is a very popular verse known all over the world.

Equippers church had a big Easter give away where families can come together to have a good time with their children. While I was there I was hanging out with my friends from church and we walked around looking at the things which we could participate in but there wasn't anything so we decided to play tiggy.

Over the years people have changed the true meaning of Easter and turned it into about Bunnies. People commercialize to make profit and money from selling Easter eggs. They also have things like Easter shows, Egg hunts and all sorts of other things. Easter eggs are a sign of rebirth which means new beginnings.

Easter for me was really about going to church services and eating a lot of chocolate. I had a Turkish delight chocolate Easter egg it had a big hollow egg and 10 small eggs with Turkish in them they were delicious.