Friday, June 25, 2010

My little cousin turns one

On the 23rd my cousin had a birthday he just turned one. When he came with my mum we let him crawl and he went for the T.V ( Because he likes turning the T.V of and on) He was so fast I couldn't manage to grab and he turned the T.V off. My mum was mad she grabbed him and ..... He started laughing because I was laughing. Then we went to go eat the cake with my cousins and my aunty and uncle.

Bring It On South Heats 2010

Last week on Saturday, I went with family to watch my cousin perform. He goes to Papatoetoe High School and they took part in a Hip Hop Dance Competition called Bring It On. It was held at the Waitakere Trust Stadium in West Auckland and only the high schools from South Auckland were competing.

When we got there, it was packed with lots of people. The stage was big and right in the centre of the stadium, so there was a 360 view. That means that seats are around the stage and people can see every angle.

My favourite part was watching my cousin Iva perform. They had some significant dance moves and routines but their costumes weren’t all that, so I thought. It was really hard to spot my cousin because their eyes were painted blue. I only spotted him when my other cousin Veeshayne pointed him out.

The worse part was watching a group that was a boys school but some boys looked like girls.

It was really loud and my ears were hurting so we had to leave early and my baby cousin was crying too. He cried all the way home. When I got home I was really bushed (tired).

The schools that made it into the top four were Mangere, De La Salle, Aorere, Manurewa and another school. It’s very sad that my cousin dance group didn’t make it into the top four. But there’s always next year. I wonder who’s going to win ??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chidokan Misogi Video

Here is the footage from Sunday 20th June, Mission Bay at 6.30am

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chidokan Misogi 2010

"Wake up!" yelled mum. "But it's only five o'clock" I said. "It's time to go to your karate class at Mission Bay" replied mum. On Sunday 20th June, while most of Auckland were still sleeping, my mum and I got ready to go to Mission Bay. When we arrived, I saw lots of people both young and old already there. It was raining and still dark. We began our session by warming up in a big circle doing our basics. Our main Sensei led us in three lines and we did line work on the grass area just outside the toilets. After we finished our basics, we stood ankle deep in the freezing water. All of us had to do some gyu-pon (I'm not sure if that's spelt right) and basic sparring. When I did gyu-pon I did a take down on this boy, who I think was a higher belt - he ended up in the water and I stood over him. I felt really cold when it finished, everyone was soaked. I explained to my mum how cold the water was and said, "Next year I'm coming to do it again". Mum just laughed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting a new PSP

"Do you love playing electronic games?" Well on Saturday me and my mum went to St Lukes to kill some time. While we were there I was lucky enought to get a new PSP from EB Games (my old one was broken). When I got it, I was very excited about playing my PSP but the lady at the counter said "you have to charge it" and I said "Ohhhhh! I want to play my PSP". But the lady said "if you don't it will ruin the battery". So we went home and I plugged my PSP to charge. It was really hard not to play it while it was charging. The next day I woke up very early and asked my mum "can I play my game?"and she said "yes". I was really excited and I played it the whole day.

P.S if you click the PSP it will take you to its URL