Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Reflection

  • Highlights: The netbook was great learning device, Internet has increased researching for new things. We learn more with the netbooks. People can share things with me and we can both work. In my spare time I like to go on facebook and youtube.

  • Lowlights: When the internet is down there’s not much to do. When my netbook battery life is low and I forget my charger.

  • New and interesting: I think that netbooks do have a good effect on our learning.

My Friend Description

My Friend: Waata

This person is very smart but can be lazy sometimes
This person has a funny personality but is still tough at the same time
This person is confident but sometimes OVERCONFIDENT
This person is very tall
This person has a big appetite
This person likes to look good
This person likes to say a lot of words

Writing Narrative For Marshmallows

The moon shone brightly through the dark and gloomy trees. The lake washing up on shore left dark shades on the sand. As I sat next to the warm campfire roasting my marshmallow I felt as if something was behind just to make sure it was nothing was I turned around when I shouldn’t of. Fortunately my Marshmallow had cooked. unfortunately there a hideous monster green and ugly behind me it looked like a crossbreed between a lizard and a crocodile . “Ahh” I screamed frightenedly.

I cautiously set my eyes on the beast and it seemed like the end. To my delight the monster was mostly concerned about the marshmallow in my hand. Slowly approaching the monster I handed it my marshmallow it gobbled the whole thing up. it was friendly until I ran out of marshmallows. I just realised that I gave him my last marshmallow so I only had one choice RUN. “Ahhh” I screamed as I sprinted my hardest. My feet felt wobbly and then I tripped I gripped something anything just to protect me. Due to all my unluckiness I grabbed a pillow. One last stand against the beast and only me and the pillow.

I was shivering in fear waiting for the beast to gobble me whole. Finally my luck kicked in and the monster was not as smart as I thought he eye’s were fixed on the pillow (must of thought that it was a giant marshmallow) so I threw the pillow as far as I could and sprinted away screaming “Ahhh”. The monster didn’t follow me instead it tried to cook my pillow and it burnt. (The stupid monster) THE END

Marshmallows from Stephanie Russell on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting 2012

“It doesn’t look like many people are going to come to the Christmas tree lighting”?  I said to Kingston. My cousin Hanna, Kingston and I were playing handball at school as the time flew past. I didn’t notice that the bus had arrived until I looked outside and people had gathered in the car park.

As we approached the mob I could see a lot of year 5,6,7 and 8’s all waiting in the car park. “Okay lets head onto the bus now” Mrs Burt instructed. We headed for the second bus it wasn’t as packed as the first bus. We reached the Telecom building and were greeted by one of Courtney who gave us instructions and handed us white bags with our picnic food in it. I thought that was really giving of them.

We arrived at the park and saw a gigantic metal shaped cone-like tree. From the top of the metal tree, lines of metal strings with light bulbs hung from it. The Christmas tree was due to light up at 10pm.

While waiting for the lights we went into this red phone booth which had Santa Line written on it. Mainly kids lined up.  Inside the booth we would use the phone and press the letter A and it would play a recorded message of Santa asking “what is your wish?” Then you say what you want using the handset. We heard some amazing people singing too like Titanium. They were singing “I won’t give up” and “Come on home”, and were the final act for the night. There was also a big tent where kids could color in this wall and get free popcorn from too.

Oscar Kightley from Sione’s Wedding was the last celebrity to speak. He wanted the tree to light up but had to call Santa to help. Everyone in the crowd had to say “ho! ho! ho!” three times and the Christmas tree finally illuminated in the darkness and brightened up the park. By the time the Christmas tree had lit up we took lots of photos. We packed up and all headed back up to the main Telecom building for the bus to arrive and drop us back to school where our cars were parked.

I just wanted to say thank you to Telecom for inviting us to the Christmas Tree Lighting event. A special thanks to Courtney and Katherine for showing us to the park. And Thank you to Mrs Burt too for inviting the 2011 Ambassadors.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Corn Chewy Beef

Do you like Corn Beef ? But you just only have one can? Well my company and I decided to make the best Corn Beef. CHEWY CORN BEEF

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Little Pony Ext

a.Name of toy

b.It's origins - date, inventor, costs, audience, patent etc.
c.BAR - what would you make
B - bigger  Bigger the feet
A - add A horn on its head
R - replace The tail with a laser gun

Toy Name: My Little Pony
Year made in: 1982
Company: Hasbro
Inventor: Bonnie Zacherle
Audience: Girl from 5-9
Material: Rubber
Most popular: 1980s
Main colour: Pink and vibrant colours

The patent was allowed in August 1983 thats when Bonnie Zacherle started working for Hasbro

The original product in was originally called Pretty Pony it was introduced in 1981. It was relaunched again but the name was changed to My Little Pony.

My Little Pony was then made into a cartoon show called My Little Pony: Friends Is Magic

Olympic Controversies EXT

The SLOC were desperate for the Olympics to be held in their country. They were willing to resort to bribery,corruption and fraud. Dave Johnson and Tom Welch, (The leaders) of the organisation flew to 3 countries to meet with members from the International Olympic Committee and offered them deals .People can learn from this controversial scandal in many different ways. For example if they really wanted to hold the olympics in their country they should have proposed their plans properly and done things the right way . To conclude being greedy or selfish will always backfire in the end.

Extension Project Goldie

One of our most famous painters in New Zealand named Charles Frederick Goldie created a painting called Reverie. He dedicated this artwork to his mother Pipi Haerehuka. I think that the hardest part for this painting was the shading because I never used it before so it was a new thing to learn, it also makes the painting more effective then just a plain colour. If I owned this piece of artwork I would name it A Troubled Woman.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Shed Narrative by Darius&Crusader

“Ohh why did you drag me out here I was having such a great nap” I said to my step cousin Crusader. “We needed to get out of the house and do something fun” Crusader replied. So we did. I really didn’t want to go ‘BUT’ my other friend here Crusader was really excited about it. “Man, what's up with the weather today” Darius Said. The trees were swaying from side to side, there were grey clouds, dull skies, I was starting to think that it was a pretty dumb idea to come out here. The mud under my feet leaving footprints like the CSI investigation program which I watched last night. Unfortunately I fell asleep through the program. I asked Crusader “That looks like a scary house like the house on slender man.” We should totally check it out” Crusader said excitedly “why can’t we just go home and play on the Ps3” I whined. “ You need to get some energy into you” Crusader advised As we were approaching the barn, blood marks were all over the barn. “Hmm must of been the slaughter house” I said Nervously. All the animals had red eyes and sharp teeth but luckily they were fenced in. “I wonder where the farmer went?” “Hey is that him the?” Darius asked. Sheep gathered around this body of an old man with a white beard just lying there. We slowly crept over towards the body and saw the sheep digging into the old man’s gut eating the flesh off. It was so horrible I started to gag so much that I thought I was going to spew on my mate next to me.wanted to spew on my mate next to me. Step by step, the animals walked towards us and we were so scared. So Crusader and I ran all the way back home. We feel really bad because right now, at this moment, all the animals in the world are taking over the world and we are all dying. The End.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pick a Path: Manaiakalani Film Festival

Here is a movie that I was involved in making for our Manaiakalani Film Festival. Click here to see all the other film entries in our cluster and don't forget to leave a comment please. Thanks Mrs Tele'a.

Bush Narritive

The pitch black forest gloomed at me as if something or someone was staring at me. Fortunately I saw a bright white sky at the end of the forest the light pierced through past the dark trees. My brother and I were half way to finishing our jog. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain shoot up my left foot.

“Ahhh my foot” I screamed painfully I called for my brother and he helped with the situation that I was in. He told the unfortunate “Sis I think that you might have sprained your ankle and it looks really bad, do you want me to call an Ambulance?” “Yes please” I said. Pain coursed throughout my body I flinched every time I shuffled it. “Damn! I forgot my phone” my brother scolded.

“Here use mine” I said to him he called but he said that we would have to wait for an hour before the ambulance arrived. So instead of waiting in the forest he carried me all the way back to where we started and we waited for so long my foot had gone swollen most of my foot was purple and black.

The ambulance had finally arrived they told me that two weeks rest with ice on it would fix it and that I’ll be fine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Year 7/8 Social 2012

“Can’t wait for the social to start” I thought in my head. I waited outside patiently for the doors to open. Some of my friends had already arrived Starford, Kingston P, Raenan and Gabriel were all ready for the social to start. The social was last week on Thursday it started at 6:00 pm ended at 8:00pm and cost $5 per ticket which also included a free sausage and drink. We were able to buy the tickets at our school office.

The doors opened and the first thing I saw was black and white stripes of paper hanging down from the entrance into the social.  My eye’s were trying to adjust to the darkness in the hall as well as all the flashing lights. At the back of all the craziness played the Olympic opening ceremony because the theme for the social was the Olympics  Unfortunately at the start of the social it was pretty boring hardly anyone was there. But as soon as people came they flooded  the dance floor so I started to dance.

My dance moves were horrible or thats what I thought at first. I decided that I was just going to go with the flow following people around and joining groups of people who had started dancing in a circle. I could see a lot of white lights flashing from phones and cameras, people posing and doing signs for the cameras.

“Okay people we are now going to have a dougie competition so can you all make a semi circle and give our competitors some space please” called Selina. We created a semi circle and everybody was doing the dougie once the music started. At the end of the competition there were only two competitors left Mary L & Nezinli. Fortunately Nezinli won, thats who I was cheering for.

My favourite songs on the night was the Gangnam style song and the Azonto because they are quite popular at the moment and it was a bonus I knew the dance moves to them. I especially liked Gangnam style. The dance and video clip has funny dance moves like horse riding but not literally. I felt really hyped after the social and I liked dancing and posing in other people’s photos too. At school, I hope that we can have another social soon just for the seniors. I really enjoyed the night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man Up!!!

“I can’t wait to head down to Rotorua for men’s camp!!” This weekend I was going down to Rotorua with friends from church. Every year there’s a men’s camp and this year was my first time going. If you don’t know I attend Equippers Manukau Church and we also have a church in the city.

Unfortunately I had to hop into my friends, dad’s van along with two other guys and four adults plus all our gear. The whole trip down my friends and I were crammed at the back of a car like sardines in a can. I could feel my legs slowly losing circulation. As we headed down to Rotorua there was a detour which made our trip longer so we stopped and ate K.F.C in Paeroa . By the time we got to Rotorua it was 10:30pm so instead of heading to our first session of the conference which started at 9:30, we headed to a place called Crank backpackers thats where we slept for the night.

Mornings are the worst thing ever. I woke up and quickly got changed while I was half asleep and I was one of the last people to wake up, only because I heard a voice it was my friend Danny. After that I decided to wake up my other friend Noah. He told me that he was going to have a little power nap before getting up. As soon as all of us were ready we headed to McDonalds for breakfast. We finally arrived at the convention center for the first  service to begin. Once we were in there, we were seated and praise and worship begun. Pastor Sam Monk talked about something I couldn’t quite remember and I fell asleep. I woke up at the end feeling refreshed.

The next session I stayed awake this time but my mate Tremaine fell asleep. In this session Pastor Ian Wright spoke about how some men can get bored because they were not satisfied and they are tempted by pornography. It made me feel a little bit uncomfortable but it is a real life issue that some men struggle with. He talked about how to pray over temptation if it does affect you and to share and not hide it. I remember how he talked about how Adam knew he was naked and he hid from God. Throughout his message I didn’t really listen but I picked up some valid points.

So during our break time we headed to a park where all the men went to play games and activities. These activities included Touch, Rugby and Volleyball. I took part in a game of rugby but not with the adults just some of my friends, all around my age. After the rugby game we all headed to the playground to play tiggy.

My highlight for the whole camp was when they had this challenge in our 2 service where they had to chose one person from each church had a challenge to try as many push ups as they can. The most that one person did was 62 all in one go. But out of the whole camp I really enjoyed hanging out with my church friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoking Is Bad

Teenagers are usually pressured into smoking by their friends or sometimes they just want to be cool. My advice to you is don’t start. Smoking is bad for your health, also affect how you look and your money goes to waste.

Smoking is bad for your health because it releases chemicals in your body. There are 4000 chemicals in every cigarette most which can harm you. One of the most common drug is Nicotine which is addictive. This means that the body will crave for a cigarette because of the chemical. When the body doesn’t have enough nicotine the person feels stressed and grumpy  This drug can sometimes cause your arteries to harden which stops the blood circulating properly around the body. Then that causes heart attacks and amputations. Cigarettes can give you black tar on your lungs and can also give you cancer in any part of your body. But the cancer that is most common is lung cancer.

Most teenagers think that they will just smoke one cigarette a day but that won’t happen. The drug called nicotine causes the body to crave for a more nicotine. So you then end up smoking the whole pack and then you start smoking a pack or two nearly every day.

Did you know that people who smoke spend up to 15$ a day for one packet and spend 105$ a week. People who don’t smoke save more money more than smokers. Smoking can affect you financially and your health at the same time

My advice to you is don’t start because if you do then it is going to be hard to stop.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Animators Apprentice

“I can’t wait to head into the Tusitala room to meet the Bro Town animators” I thought excitedly. When we got in the room it looked really cramped because of all the people in the room. The three instructors introduced themselves their names were Maka, Nills and Ali.  Ali was the main speaker telling us all about what they do and what they have done. Maka was like an assistant  always popping in saying something then going quiet. While Nills was the silent one taking photos

One of the favourite parts in the presentation was when they were teaching us about splitting lines, once I had figured out how to do the technique properly it became a really interesting thing to learn. It took a few tries but when I learnt how to finally master it everything became so clear.

I really like drawing and hope that when they come back they will teach us more about splitting lines and so that we can move on to more sophisticated drawings.

Animation Workshop, Darius from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Brown Brother"

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. All of the prefect’s at the school had to prepare a speech to share. Rishard (Joshua’s friend) filmed his poem and uploaded it onto Youtube. Campbell Live came across Joshua’s poem and asked him to come to the studio and to interview him.

 The name of his poem is called “Brown Brother”. He talks about stereotypes and his poem is very inspirational. It talks about how people shouldn't listen to stereotypes. Stereotypes are people's ideas of how things should be done but it is not always right.

This poem that he shared may have been emotional for some people and inspiring for others. The way he presented his speech was very effective because it was almost like he was rapping but not rapping, preaching but not preaching and speaks a lot of truth about today's society . He talked about a lot of issues that people could relate to and wouldn't like to talk about. You can become anything you want if you just trust God and yourself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gone Fishing! 

Head to this link to find me catching the massive snapper

"Mum, do you know where we are going??" I asked curiously. "I don't know where we are but I'm pretty sure we weren't suppose to drive over the harbour bridge",my mum said nervously. After our little tiki tour we headed back over the bridge into the city driving to the West Haven Mariner. We parked up and unloaded the car with our chilly bin which had our lunch packed, water and we brought some bait from a cafe. On the snapper charters we headed on to a boat named Snapper Fishing Charters. A few people were already on the boat, some with children and some flying solo. My mum was so relevied to be there before the boat left, they were just getting ready to depart.

"Okay now are we ready to go!" The skipper questioned us. The manager did a head count and then we were off to fish. "First time fishing" I thought. We sailed past Misson Bay, Rangitoto Island and stopped not far from Motatapu island. We stopped around there and started fishing while the boat drifted. We had to go all the way out there because it was winter and the fish don't come in as close as they would in Summer. One of the lady's on the boat named Emma gave us rods to borrow and showed us how to bait and reel in the fish.

Lunch was perfect for a very cold day. It wasn't a buffet it wasn't McDonalds or Denny's, it was just a plain sausage sizzle and a delicious creamy potato salad. "Let's fire up the BBQ", the skipper instructed us. As soon as my mum finished cooking the sausages, we shared out the rest of the sausages. I had 3 sausages and two bowls of salad. "Man, I was full" I thought in my head. We set off fishing again.

The first fish I caught (in my entire life) was called a yellow tailed fish, it was small but I was buzzing out at the catch. I also caught a couple of kahawai and another snapper but it was medium sized. The biggest fish that I caught, was a Snapper (see photo). It weighed in about 5 pounds which is roughly about 2.5 kilograms. After I caught it, my mum and I disscused that we should give the Big Snapper to my Grandpa for his birthday. It was in a few days. So as soon as we left the harbour we headed straight to my Grandpa's house to show him the fish that I caught.

That was a really good first experience of fishing for my first time. Next time I want to try catch alot more fish than I did that day. It was very cold as well, the only time I felt warm was when the sun shone down on me. I can't wait to go fishing again! Did you know that you can only catch 9 snapper? And they have to be at least 27cm long, anything less has to be thrown back into the ocean. Make sure you take a chilly bin and ice for the fish you catch.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kiwi Kick

After morning tea we walked to the courts for Kiwi Kick but the sky was cloudy and grey. “Ohh my hands are numb” I said in my head but then I just realized so were my feet. I put my jacket on to try and warm myself up. But instead the wind blew against my legs giving goose bumps to arrive.

One of the skills that we were focusing on was called "the mark". "So in your partners practise the mark by throwing the ball in the air and catching it with your hands in the shape of” Sam instructed us. Piriniha was my partner who launched the ball up in the air. It was my task to grip the ball in my hands while my I soared  and then it would be his turn.

After we had finished practising the mark we started learning different marks like the high mark and the Specky mark. The high mark is when you put your hands up as a W and wrap your hands around the ball. Well the Specky mark is sort of like the high mark but with this mark you do a run and jump as well as wrapping your hands around the ball. Also Specki means spectacular.

In Kiwi Kick I have been enjoying the sessions with our trainers Anita and Sam they have been very fun hanging out with them and learning new skills. Did also you know that another name for Kiwi Kick is AFL which stands for Australian Football League.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Picasso and Matisse Comparing and Contrasting

Pablo Picasso’s style of painting called Cubism included different perspectives into one painting. Henri Matisse’s style was called “Fauves” in english it means the Wild Beasts and would use unrealistic colors . Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were born in the same era as each other and when both of them were studying in Paris they met and became lifelong friends.

Matisse painted a painting about a woman named Woman With A Hat the painting was about his wife she looks emotionless because he was just experimenting with the new style called Fauvism. One of Pablo Picasso’s painting was called The Weeping Woman he created another painting called Guernica it has a connection about the Spanish civil war.  

Pablo Picasso has strong and bold colors. But Matisse uses unnatural colors because he was experimenting style called Fauvism.  Both of them used yellow and green for their shading.

Picasso used clearly delineated lines in his art work. He also incorporated jagged lines.   Matisse however used unnatural colors in his painting, to show the outline of the different shapes and lines.

I think that Matisse and Picasso are very similar artists these two have to be my favourite artists.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Mihimihi

Darius Show Not Tell (Rainy Day)

I stepped outside and could feel a few drips. Within moments it started drizzling so I went inside to get my umbrella and my boots. “Splosh squish “ as I walked on the footpath my shoes became sodden. I heard cars engines come past me, their tires showering spray over me. Finally I got to school. After all of that my socks were damp, “Man I wish mum had dropped me off” I said to myself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Conclusion Of My Star Map

The person that I chose to work on was Ben Barba. I admire the way he plays  Rugby League. On attack he is a trouble to the opposition when he touches the ball . On Defense he manages to stop the opposition from scoring try's but not all the time.

 After the past two months creating this project I think I should have put a lot of more effort and time into the project that I have been working on but next time I am going to put more effort and time in to getting this project into a better state then it was before that.

From this project I now know what I want to do from my research of this person. I want to play in the NRL for the Bulldogs.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip To Wellington

"Arghh!! My ears are so sore", my mum whined to me. My mum and I had just finished landing at the Wellington airport. The captain was saying over the intercom, "thank you for flying with Air New Zealand the date is Tuesday and the time is 7:30pm, you have just landed in Wellington and we hope you can come fly with us again"

We walked passed the luggage claim area and waitied for my Aunty Lei to come pick us up. We were staying at her place in Porirua. My mum and I were looking for her because she texted my mum and told her that she was already at the airport.

As we were waiting down stairs my Auntie Lei and my cousin Ariana finally came and picked us up. As we were heading back to my auntys place, my mum asked if we could drop in to see uncle Rickie (aunty Lei's dad) for his 70th birthday but it was too dark. He stays at a rest home now.

The next day we got up had breakfast it was a normal morning to eat cereal. Me and my cousin Arian were playing the PS3, a game called Ratchet & Clank. It's an adventure game. It was a Sunday so mum suggested we go to church. After church we went to see uncle Rickie. When we met him we gave his presents he got a rugby world cup t-shirt and a Niue hat we stayed with him for half an hour then he went to sleep and we left.

The day after that we drove all the way to Taihipe to drop off Arian to her dad's family house. It was a long drive roughly around three and a half hours. We hung out at the farm for one hour and then mum drove us back to home.

Tuesday was our last day in Wellington for the last day we went to the movies and watch Wrath Of The Titans it was good but I liked the first one better.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Papatoetoe Softball Finals

"Okay boys remember we came here to win and have some fun" our coach Moe told us. "1,2,3 Storm!!!" Our finals were starting. This season I have been playing softball for the Papatoetoe under 12's storm this is the first time I have played in a competition on Saturdays. The Saturday that just passed we played Waitakare Bears Gold for the Plate.

The atmosphere was intense and it was the first time our team had been all there. We were first up to bat in the innings. My friend Trent was batting before me and my heart was pounding. It was my turn in the batting box listening to instructions from my coach. Before I knew it the ball was in the catchers glove "Strike!" the Umpire called. I struck out and felt  disappointed in myself.

In the second innings we were up by 15-3. we were pretty confident that we would win. The umpire was from the oppositions team and made some unfair calls. All the boys were determined to prove her wrong by playing our hearts out. At the end of the game the score was 21-3 we smashed them.

So in the end the moral of the day cheaters never ever prevail. The official from the Auckland Softball Association (ASA) said "even though the other teams umpire called some dodgy calls you still held together and won Your team in 5 years time team could be the Papatoetoe premier team. The Papatoetoe team this season have improved more then ever I have learnt a lot of experience through this season. I have also made good friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Show Not Tell Darius & Marvin

Foot by foot we climbed the stair case which, lead us in to a dark hole which had a flow of water. As we plunged down the pitch black hole we felt the water rushing against our body. Then there was a light that lead out to a splash of water which went straight into my face. Can you guess what we are talking about???? Well we are not telling.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Year 7 Boys Softball Tournament 2012

On Tuesday our Year 7 Boys Softball team travelled to Rosedale Park in Albany to compete in the Auckland Softball Championship. Here is some footage from the day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Picnic

“Man I can’t wait to have the picnic at the Pt England reserve there’s going to be lots of activities to do but swimming is  the activity that I do not want to do”. At first the day was dull and cloudy as if it were going to rain but then it changed and the sun started to shine.

We got there and all I really wanted to do is play a good game of softball. So it started out as mixed teams but all of my friends wanted to stay together as one team some girls went into our team and some went into theirs. I did this really cool catch when I was on base two I bent down turned my glove and caught the ball or so I thought then as I started to lift it and then I lost control of the ball and then the ball fell out I was so disappointed at myself. The score was 10-0 and I was on the losing side only because I kept switching teams the reason was is that I really liked to field I feel that fielding is one of my acknowledgements about softball. As the game progressed my team had a very low score 30-4 man were we getting dominated.

As the game played lots of different people started to join in the year 8’s and the year 6’s all started to play but then I felt that there were to many people in the softball game. So I left and I suddenly thought to myself that I was really hungry and thirsty after playing 3 hours of softball I didn’t even realise but my feet were sore too. So I headed over to the my bag and started to scoff down my lunch.

After my lunch I went with Waata and Kingston P to collect some clay we saw lots of people and they had humongous amounts of clay. So we decided to try and make some clay but  ended up in a big humongous “nek minit it turned out wrong” I thought and then we started to tear it to pieces and threw it at the rock barrier. I said to Waata and Kingston that “we really stink at making clay don’t we” and we all just started to laugh.

This year the picnic was really fun I enjoyed the games and activites we had it I hope everybody else did anyway I can’t wait for next years one.

Dr Ben Carson

“Yay!! Were going to the Ben Carson lecture” I said to Marvin. The year 5,6,7,8 all rushed like a herd of wild bulls on to the buses that came and went off to the Telstra Clear Pacific  Centre. Now it was our turn.

Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, a place where there are quite a lot of gangs. His mother Sonya, dropped out of school in the third grade with very little education and was married at 13 years of age. Unfortunately his parents divorced when Benjamin was only 8 , the boys poor mother had to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to provide both of her sons.

Ben and Curtis fell behind in school so all the kids in his class started to call him horrible names such as dummy which caused him to let out all of his temper. One day he was opening his locker when a boy come up to him and tried to close it. Ben’s bad temper caused lots of trouble, one time he punched some body so hard that it caused a 3 meter gash in his head.

One day the teacher came in and showed the class a rock it was a rock that the kids had never seen before. Nobody put their hand up but Ben knew the answer but he wasn’t even confident so he waited for somebody to answer the question. Then Ben put his hand up and everybody was surprised and astonished some of them started to laugh and say.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guess Who?

Today the year 7 and 8 extension group had a real life game of guess who. We each had stickers on our foreheads and had to ask questions about what or who we were. The whole game was to find out what you are. It was so funny people were laughing and shouting at each other. It suddenly turned into like a wild people desperately trying to find out what they were. (Sorry haven't put my photo up)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Smart

Lots of people nowadays post things online such as inappropriate photos and posts about themselves with little thought for the ramifications. I urge you to think before you post. Be cybersmart and you will do good when you get older.

Future Employers will search you up to see to if you have an account on Facebook or on other online sites. If you were to leave a negative foot print it would decrease the chance of you being employed.

Dodgy people can use your I.D for bad reasons like using it for fake passports or online sites like Bebo.  Those people can try and hunt you down by getting information off the Internet. If you put your information online and you think it is private it is really not because all your friends can share your things with everyone else.

The things that you put online can hurt you and your family. If you say something disrespectfully online that you can’t say to there face then don’t say it. Other people around the world can then have affective an response to your post.

Think Before You Post!!!

Poem About Me

I am a big brother
Always looking out for them
Keep safe

I am an artist
Future dreams
Hope it can come true

I am a writer
Aiming for good grades
Canʼt wait for results