Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Reflection

  • Highlights: The netbook was great learning device, Internet has increased researching for new things. We learn more with the netbooks. People can share things with me and we can both work. In my spare time I like to go on facebook and youtube.

  • Lowlights: When the internet is down there’s not much to do. When my netbook battery life is low and I forget my charger.

  • New and interesting: I think that netbooks do have a good effect on our learning.

My Friend Description

My Friend: Waata

This person is very smart but can be lazy sometimes
This person has a funny personality but is still tough at the same time
This person is confident but sometimes OVERCONFIDENT
This person is very tall
This person has a big appetite
This person likes to look good
This person likes to say a lot of words

Writing Narrative For Marshmallows

The moon shone brightly through the dark and gloomy trees. The lake washing up on shore left dark shades on the sand. As I sat next to the warm campfire roasting my marshmallow I felt as if something was behind just to make sure it was nothing was I turned around when I shouldn’t of. Fortunately my Marshmallow had cooked. unfortunately there a hideous monster green and ugly behind me it looked like a crossbreed between a lizard and a crocodile . “Ahh” I screamed frightenedly.

I cautiously set my eyes on the beast and it seemed like the end. To my delight the monster was mostly concerned about the marshmallow in my hand. Slowly approaching the monster I handed it my marshmallow it gobbled the whole thing up. it was friendly until I ran out of marshmallows. I just realised that I gave him my last marshmallow so I only had one choice RUN. “Ahhh” I screamed as I sprinted my hardest. My feet felt wobbly and then I tripped I gripped something anything just to protect me. Due to all my unluckiness I grabbed a pillow. One last stand against the beast and only me and the pillow.

I was shivering in fear waiting for the beast to gobble me whole. Finally my luck kicked in and the monster was not as smart as I thought he eye’s were fixed on the pillow (must of thought that it was a giant marshmallow) so I threw the pillow as far as I could and sprinted away screaming “Ahhh”. The monster didn’t follow me instead it tried to cook my pillow and it burnt. (The stupid monster) THE END

Marshmallows from Stephanie Russell on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting 2012

“It doesn’t look like many people are going to come to the Christmas tree lighting”?  I said to Kingston. My cousin Hanna, Kingston and I were playing handball at school as the time flew past. I didn’t notice that the bus had arrived until I looked outside and people had gathered in the car park.

As we approached the mob I could see a lot of year 5,6,7 and 8’s all waiting in the car park. “Okay lets head onto the bus now” Mrs Burt instructed. We headed for the second bus it wasn’t as packed as the first bus. We reached the Telecom building and were greeted by one of Courtney who gave us instructions and handed us white bags with our picnic food in it. I thought that was really giving of them.

We arrived at the park and saw a gigantic metal shaped cone-like tree. From the top of the metal tree, lines of metal strings with light bulbs hung from it. The Christmas tree was due to light up at 10pm.

While waiting for the lights we went into this red phone booth which had Santa Line written on it. Mainly kids lined up.  Inside the booth we would use the phone and press the letter A and it would play a recorded message of Santa asking “what is your wish?” Then you say what you want using the handset. We heard some amazing people singing too like Titanium. They were singing “I won’t give up” and “Come on home”, and were the final act for the night. There was also a big tent where kids could color in this wall and get free popcorn from too.

Oscar Kightley from Sione’s Wedding was the last celebrity to speak. He wanted the tree to light up but had to call Santa to help. Everyone in the crowd had to say “ho! ho! ho!” three times and the Christmas tree finally illuminated in the darkness and brightened up the park. By the time the Christmas tree had lit up we took lots of photos. We packed up and all headed back up to the main Telecom building for the bus to arrive and drop us back to school where our cars were parked.

I just wanted to say thank you to Telecom for inviting us to the Christmas Tree Lighting event. A special thanks to Courtney and Katherine for showing us to the park. And Thank you to Mrs Burt too for inviting the 2011 Ambassadors.