Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bombing Time

It was a hot day and there was a beach right in front of you what would you do? Obviously the simple choice is to go for a swim and that's what I did. At the first touch with my foot, I felt so relived of the sun heat . Out I into the wide spreaded ocean I began to creep. One foot at a time.

The water began to rise right up next to my neck. I just got to the pontoon, lucky or else I would have been jumping for my life. “Ouch” I screamed in pain my hand scrapped against the back of the steps I think it was the Oysters that were cutting everybody I could see blood pouring out of the wounds that people had

Everybody was crowding on the pontoon the only people who were jumping off were the boys. While the girls just sat at the edge of the pontoon, the pontoon slowly began to drift off turning side ways. One after one we jumped off Miss Garden had said to find a spot to jump off so that nobody gets hurt.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sixty Minutes In A Leaky Boat

Have you ever sailed before ? Well we were going to aim at one of the boats a cross the harbour to the yacht called Typhoon. Kingston and I were sailing buddies. You could go with a Buddie or, go solo. We had to line the boat up with Typhoon and then sail back to the red play ground.

The winds were blowing wildly which nearly caused Kingston and I to capsize. Most of the time Kingston had actually tried to capsize us so that we could have a swim. I kept saying “let go of the rope” he didn’t listen.

When we were sailing I was steering like rubbish. I sort of made us go in circles like we were doing laps or something. Mrs Sommervile had actually tried to instruct us to go further out to Typhoon, but Kingston kept saying “Turn the boat around were going to die”.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp Bentzon

Camp is arriving in one more week and I am so excited and enthusiastic about what we will do at camp.

"I can't wait for camp" I told myself we were going to Kawau Island to camp there for three days ,the Island had a camp called camp Bentzon thats where we'll be staying. You got there by traveling by a ferry from Sandspit.

At camp theres going to be a confidence course, burma trail, sailing and kayaking. We can go jumping off the wharf or that's when the teachers are  there.

What I want to really do is the Confidence Course it sounds really cool and I think I can become more confident in my-self. I wonder if the confidence course will be really challenging for us.

I think that the most challenging thing to do is to try to get out of bed early in the morning. That will be the most challenging thing for me.

I am really thrilled that we will be going to the camp Bentzon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Art In Space

The Super Heroes Alliance !!!!

This is my project that I have focusing on this term with Miss M. The theme for this term is Out Of This World.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Have you ever seen a comet in space? Well this time the comet went straight down our throats. Room 17 and Room 16 made Ice cream comets and it was a real treat.

    The comet that we were making was made out of Ice cream because comets are made out of Ice and other things like dust and gas. We first had to get an Ice cream in the palm of our hands. At the first touch it sent chills down my spine. "Quickly" said Miss Garden, she was harassing me because the Ice cream was oozing out of my fingers like madness. I scurried like a headless Chook and I ran outside trying not to let my comet melt.

    "Excuse me" I said in my politest voice could I have some dust( Don't worry this was n't real dust) this dust was made out of Smashed cookies and with sprinkles too. I asked Mr Somerville for my cone (the cone was representing the tail on a comet)put the cone on and done, now to get some more sprinkles. Every time I slurped off the sprinkles I went to go get some more and some more. When the sprinkles mixed with my Ice cream it made my hands all sticky and icky.

    As we were Demolishing our Ice creams, people were accidentally dropping their comets like bombs bombing the ground on the little ants. Bombvoyaz little ants. People were having to wash their hand after that monstrosity of a mess our bay was a pig sty I also think that our picnic table would have counted as a rubbish dump.   
    That was Awesome seeing everybody having fun including me. Since it was a hot day it was nice to have an Ice cream too.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tennis Coaching

What sport are you playing when you use a Racket and a ball? Have you guessed? Well if you said Tennis you are right. Our sport that we are focusing on this term is Tennis.

    Professionals I wouldn't mind being one, but I don't know what I would be. For us we had professional Tennis player his name was Marcel. Wonder why Marcel was a Pro when we were doing our skills he was balancing on the side of the racket hitting it up and down, he was counting and he stopped at ten.

    I was amazed at the skills Marcel was preforming I tried to do it, one two three and that was all I could hit. I tried one more time but only got one hit this time. "This is so hard" I thought to my self.

    Now wer'e going to play a game its called King or Queen of the Court. How to play is there is one king the others are the challengers the person who beats the King becomes ruler. It was really fun playing against my friends but when Onosai beat me Marcel said stop and made us do 10 star jumps while, the king did nothing. Next time I won't lose.

    I think that Tennis is a very fun and frustrating sport. But I can't wait until our next session is.