Monday, May 30, 2011

Rugby League-a fresh start!

"Come on boys, tackle!" I shouted panting , panting and panting. I kept running but my legs were about to fall off. Then I thought about what mum said "Keep going and drive your legs".
This year, I'm playing for Richmond Bulldogs. Mum and I were deciding whether to stay with the Otahuhu Leopards or go to a different team. I decided to go to another team and I chose the Richmond Bullodgs. It's the club my dad use to play for and I was going to play rugby for Tamaki Marist but they didn't get back to us. Some of the boys that I play with are Rona,Denzel, Jessie,Levi and David.

20 Hour famine

People were given the opportunity to fund raise for a whole lot people who don't have enough food. All of our fund raises go to country different countries. Did you know that people in East Timor sometimes only gets half a cup of rice and only one meal day they were also lucky if they found one Kumar a day.

"Go the yellow team!!!" I screamed. Tonight we have the 20 hour sleep over and I couldn't wait until it started .The 20 hour Famine started at 12 pm and ended at 8 am.Tonight we are having the sleep over and we were gonna play games and watch movies. We could only eat a barley sugar when Miss Tele'a said we could and drink our boxes of juice when Miss Tele'a said so to.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sightseeing in Te Papa
the big conference began, we got to go sight seeing in Te Papa. If you don’t know what Te Papa is, it’s the museum of Wellington, the captial city of New Zealand. It is full of wonderful artifacts on display. If you were to compare Te Papa museum to the Auckland museum, I’d have to say that the Auckland one is alot different. Its all very fascinating but Te Papa was slightly better (no offence to the Auckland Museum).
First we explored in this big room filled with dinosaurs skeletons with facts. Then we went searching for things that we could play with. In the museum, we saw a little house and people were bunched up inside. Once they finished, we went in to find out what was going to happen. We all were bunched up in a little house and we were watching this little T.V. On it, people were talking about the earthquake that had happened (pretty sure it was in Wellington), then the ground we were standing on began to shake.
In the same house but on a different screen, it showed a lady's vases falling from shelves and smashing on the ground. My favorite part of Te Papa was when we wondered into this little corridor and a man instructed us to put our bags on the floor and to find a seat. A big white screen popped up and showed instructions before the motion rider began. It told us to keep our belts buckled in and not to take it off until the ride was over. This ride had different things happening. It showed different things happening, one after the other. It showed one person having all these exciting adventures, some he failed and we tagged along for the whole ride. One part showed where he was swinging on a branch then a black bird flew right into his face, we all laughed! After sightseeing we went back stage to the confrence room and waited.

Presenting at the Conference

The surprise was nearly over and we were about to present. I had butterflies in my stomach again but I tried hard not to think about them. When Rita finished her last words, I took a huge breath because that was my queue to start. As I walked, I imagined there would be hundreds of people but to my relief there wasn't. Although it was weird because most people had flash gadgets like iPhones, iPads and even flash laptops. While I was presenting I was nervous, I could hear my heart beating. However, once it was over, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted and didn't think that I needed to be that worried after all.

Pt England Kids at TUANZ TELCO Day from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Flying to Wellington

On the plane, we kept talking about playing on our netbooks. We seemed to forget about the whole conference altogether or was that just me? Anyway, the flight attendants on the plane were very kind. They gave us to things to eat like pretzels and jetplane lollies. The plane wasn’t like the big boeings I normally fly on to Australia and the duration of the flight was quite short too. When we landed in Wellington my ears were aching, like a sharp pain was penetrating my head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble track Challenge part 2

Miss Ouano had instructed the whole class to get into groups with 3 people. “Hmmmm” I wonder what it is about. Then Miss answered my question.

The challenge was to construct a marble travel down hill and with at least a turn our tools were 6 pieces, 1 meter cello tape and scissors.

Our group was thinking about a lot of ways to construct our item but sadly all our ideas seemed to have collapsed. We made a lot of gutters but still we could not think of ideas time was running out and then we had to stop.

I think I tried my hardest in trying to help our group construct it but it never worked. We didn’t finish but we tried our best.

I will roll up 4 tubes and also roll 2 stands to keep our construction steady and stable. Then Starford is going to divide our cello tape in to 9 pieces to stick the tubes together.Gabriel will cut the holes in the tubes so that we can put the other tubes together.

First we halved some of our papers to make our papers shorter because the papers were to long. Then we got one of our strips of cello tape to tape it to the table. Gabriel taped the tube to the table and then cut a hole in the tube so that we could stick the other tube in.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trip to Wellington

The ambassadors are presenting at a conference in Wellington. Butterflies were fluttering around my stomach when we were told. I felt excitement and nervousness all in one moment.

The annoying alarm went off in my ears. Usually mum has to wake me up but today was different. I opened my eyes and quickly got myself organised for the day. It didn’t take long before we were on the road. We arrived at school and some of the ambassadors were already there. Mr and Mrs Burt asked us to come in and get a Year 7/8 jacket to wear down in Wellington. Miss Garden and Rita went to collect our netbooks from the class. Then we were instructed to put our own netbooks into our bags to take with us. After a few minutes had passed, the last of the ambassadors arrived and it was just about time to go. Once we had everything ready and after a quick prayer, we all hopped in Mr and Mrs Burt’s cars and drove to the airport.

“Hold onto your boarding pass” Mrs Burt instructed “Or else you can’t get on the plane or into the Koru Club” she warned. “Okay” we all said. There were eight of us altogether four boys and four girls on our way to windy Wellington.

Swimming for the first time

“Oh no” another length “man it is so tiring doing a length” I said to Waata
with exhaustion. Then it was my turn again it seemed so fast but this
time I felt alright because I listened to Mr Marks and his tips to help
me swim.

Waiting in the line to do another length was so cool because me and Waata were playing games Waata was winning and then I finally won my first game. I said “Oh yeah”.

“Hmmm” I thought to my self “Should I go into the big pool or the medium pool”. I decided to stay in the medium pool but then my Teacher Miss garden started to point at people showing them to the big pool then she pointed to me.

I nervously thought that that the pool was going to be cold but to my surprise it was pretty warm when I stuck my feet in. We had to sit on the edge of the pool and we had to move it was sore for my thighs.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vote for the best!

Can you decide which of the two introductions are the best. Then comment down on the white box and tell me which is the best.

I was munching away on my popcorn at the Sylvia Park cinemas then Boom!! Lighting struck down from the Hammer of Thor and blasted the destroyer. But it was like an Immortal so the Destroyer recovers from the attack and fires back.

I used sign language to tell my mum to pass the lollies please She passed the mix of the lollies we got from the lollie part at the cinemas.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is a book that the reading group called the Kiwis have been reading

Kiwis are nocturnal which means that they can see in the dark.
Kiwis live in the roots they sleep in the day and go and search for food at night time.
Kiwis are becoming Extinct to New Zealand because of Dogs, Cats and Rats.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Hit our Family takes

"Hi Uncle" I said sadly. Me and my mum went to visit my uncle Andrew everyday since he had been staying in hospital. What happened was, it was a normal and peaceful day and my Grandpa and Nana were watching T.V. Then my uncle started coughing loudly and it was getting worse to the point where he couldn't breathe. My Uncle had pneumonia, it is a lung infection that causes people not to breath properly and need penicillin for medicine. An ambulance was called and they took him to the hospital. He was sick and in hospital for 2 weeks. My mum and I visited him nearly everyday. Then one early morning my Grandpa rang up and said "Hanna, Ane's gone". Instantly mum began to cry. She had to ring my other uncle and aunty and tell them what had happened. My uncle Andrew Graham Paotama Lavakula passed on Thursday 19th April, 2011 at 2.00 am. Rest in Peace Uncle. We love and miss you very much.

This is a wordle for my uncle
      Wordle: Andrew

Playing with Picasa

We have been learning about a new Google App called Picasa. We can upload photos and also add captions then we put it as a slide show. We learnt how to embed our slide shows onto our blog.