Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kata-thon 25/09/10

"Wake up Darius, it's time to go to your kata-thon!", my mum shouted. "Okay" as I got myself lazily dressed in to my gii (my karate uniform). We drove to Mt Eden War Memorial Hall because that's where it was held. As we approched the hall people were already there waiting for the doors to open. When it opened we all walked into the hall and started to warmup and get ourselves ready. Parker-shihan (my sensei) told us to get a form to sign so that you can say that you have done fifty katas and for us to mark off everytime we did one kata.
Some of the black belts were on stage and on the ground with us. The blue, green, orange and purple belts were on the left side and other black belts were on the right side of the hall. When we all started I was watching the black belt kata up on stage it was a really long one. After doing a set of 10 kata I had a break and got myself a drink of water. When I got to my thirtieth kata I was so tired and exhausted that I somtimes I missed out certain moves in my kata and wasn't actually doing it properly. So once I reached fifty katas I did some more to make up for the ones that weren't done properly. When some of us were finished we couldn't leave because we had to get our forms signed off by Parker-shihan. He was busy doing his 50 kata too.
Instead Paka-shihan said that all the people that were finised had to have a kata competion to see who could do their kata the best. I had to buddy up with a person that had the same belt as me and then I had to pick the kata I wanted to do. I did really well but this young girl was the overall winner. After all the black belts were done they signed off on our forms and we were allowed to go. I had a good day and it was a good experience for me. I can't wait to become a black belt.

* A kata-thon is an event where you do one kata 50 times and get sponsored for it.


  1. Hi Darius

    Wow! I've never heard of a kata-thon before. Did your club raise a lot of money? I enjoyed watching the footage of you demonstrating your kata moves. It reminded me of when I used to do karate. You have good solid moves and a strong stance. Well done.

  2. Hey Darius
    WOW what a great post you did about your Kata Thon. I watched your movies and they were great. Keep up the great work Darius your doing good.


  3. Hi Darius cool karate I wish I could do the same but I dont know how to do it. I hope you had a great time doing it. Any ways keep up the good work.
    Dante Bartlett.

  4. Hey Darius those were some awesome karate moves!!! What cooler belt are you? Well keep up the great work!

  5. That was great reading about your kata-thon Darius. You must have to practice really hard. What colour belt are you up to? And how many colours is that away from a black belt?
    You'll have to show us some of your moves at school.
    Great writing