Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Film fest

“My name is Jandle man” he squeaked I started to laugh. Have you heard of Manaiaikalani? Well for those who haven't, it’s a film festival where all the schools in G.I make movies that show on the BIG screen.The Manaiaikalani film fest has been going for maybe 3 or 4 year’s and Mrs Burt is the one who always organises the Manaiaikalani film festival. It’s usually shown at Tamaki College but this year we got to go to Sylvia Park Hoyts to watch our big films.

We traveled by bus to get to Sylvia Park. We had time tables for whose turn it was to go to Sylvia Park and then come back to school. On the bus it was very noisy because everyone on the bus was singing songs. They all sounded like a boom speaker that was at the maximum sound that it could go. While they were busy singing me and Kingston were playing shadow boxing and I kept losing. Then finally we got there and the presenters got off first then everyone else was pushing and shoving to get off the bus.

Presenters are the people who present their movie that they are showing so they have a very very big job. They have also have to stay at Sylvia Park so they can present at each session. The presenters for our classroom movie were Raenan and Chante.

The film festival was also put on at night time too so you could buy tickets for the evening show.

The movie’s were all cool; I like Jandle man, Rewind and Feeling good feeling great I enjoyed watching these movies because in the jandle man it said that using the jandle for some uses were to kill the kutu on the son’s head so she whacked the kutu on the son’s head. Those were my favourite movies that I liked but you can decide by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Darius, I have really enjoyed reading your perspective on the Film Festival. I thought it was a wonderful event and such a cool thing to see our kids' movies on that massive screen. Didn't your class do well with people in at least three of the movies!
    Mrs Burt