Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last cricket training

“He’s out”!!!! How to play Cricket you say?? Well first thing is you need to find some space like a field then find some friends and a cricket coach. Then the cricket coach teaches how to play cricket. Then get your own gear.

Bowling the cricket ball is pretty easy if you have a strong arm and know the positioning of your hand. Then you have the wicket keeper you usually stand near the wickets and when the ball is hit then the out fielders pass it to the wicket keeper to get the batter out ,the batter is the one with the bat and our coach's taught us how to hold the bat and the out fielders just field for the ball.

The coach’s who taught me all this stuff about cricket were Hammot,Chris,Jamie and Robert he taught me how to do a front foot drive,attacking shot,what position to put your hand on the ball and what motion to bowl. I didn’t like cricket before but now I like it because I think I would be good as a bowler.

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