Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly cloudy

The main charactars are clouds and storks. Where this story begins is in a place where you'd never imagine up high in the sky where the clouds are. The story starts by showing the storks delivering puppies, babies and kittens. Then it shows a grey cloud there are other clouds that are more whiter. The grey cloud can't seem to create nice things like the other clouds. The stork that the grey cloud has is sort of scared of the things that the grey cloud makes. In the end the grey cloud gets left behind by his stork then the grey cloud makes up a storm. He see's his stork with the other clouds and begins to cry then his stork comes back but this time he has something to protect himself.

I'd give this anamation a 7 it is funny in some ways but sometimes sad.

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  1. Some of your sentences have more than one idea, so I'm getting a little confused. Do you think you could read your text through carefully, and make it a bit clearer for me.