Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Most Uncomfortable Trip Ever

"Wow that is a lot of people" I told my mum. My mum and I were going to go in to the city to see the cloud. The cloud is a big area filled with lots of things, things you would see in a usual shop. We were supposed to go on the train but there were huge lines and as we were walking we heard this man say that some people had been waiting at the trains for hours. My mum had to decided quick whether we wait for an hour or we get on a bus. My mum decided that we go on the bus it was a lot quicker then having to wait for hours just for one train.

Fortunatley we finnaly got on after waiting for about 10 min, Unfortunatley they're were no seats we had to stand for the whole way. As we started to move it wasn't so bad I wish it had stayed like that. Pain started to consume my legs my legs ached and it was howling at me telling me to fall over. But I knew I couldn't so we were half way there but I accidentally hit this guy with my elbow "Ops Sorry" I said he replyed "its all right". Yes we were here in the city the ride was bumpy!! 

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  1. I love your tale of the transport woes Darius. I have a story of my own after waiting at the GI train station for more than an hour, finally catching a bus, and eventually arriving at Eden Park. All on crutches!

    It was sooo worth it though.

    Can't wait till this weekend for more, what about you?

    Mrs Burt