Friday, June 1, 2012

Picasso and Matisse Comparing and Contrasting

Pablo Picasso’s style of painting called Cubism included different perspectives into one painting. Henri Matisse’s style was called “Fauves” in english it means the Wild Beasts and would use unrealistic colors . Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were born in the same era as each other and when both of them were studying in Paris they met and became lifelong friends.

Matisse painted a painting about a woman named Woman With A Hat the painting was about his wife she looks emotionless because he was just experimenting with the new style called Fauvism. One of Pablo Picasso’s painting was called The Weeping Woman he created another painting called Guernica it has a connection about the Spanish civil war.  

Pablo Picasso has strong and bold colors. But Matisse uses unnatural colors because he was experimenting style called Fauvism.  Both of them used yellow and green for their shading.

Picasso used clearly delineated lines in his art work. He also incorporated jagged lines.   Matisse however used unnatural colors in his painting, to show the outline of the different shapes and lines.

I think that Matisse and Picasso are very similar artists these two have to be my favourite artists.

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