Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bill MacLaren

During the past five weeks we have been training for the Bill Mclaren East team either Liston park or Tamaki Marist. Our coaches are Rob and Duane. The Bill Mclaren tournament is made up of four teams across Auckland, all open weight, Central, West, South and East.

 Our tournament started yesterday and our first game was against South. They have a reputation for being the hardest team to beat. I could sense that my team felt that they knew we were going to lose, a bunch of us were hurt including myself. My body ached from the bruises and my lungs burning as I tried my hardest to do my job as a forward. We lost in the end but I knew we could have won if we worked on tackling and completing sets.

 Today we had another game against West. We were all focused on the game plan and what our coaches told us to do. Halftime the score was 17-0 to us. However things went downhill after that. Our focus for the forwards was to protect the ball and give it out to the backs. We lost in the end and I felt like we let the game slip out of our hands.

 I think that Rugby is more physical than Rugby League. These last two games have taken toll on my body as I have bruises, cuts and scratches. Good thing is that I have learnt more skills about rugby and how to play the game better. I have also made some new friends.


  1. Hi Darius

    First of all, congratulations for making it into the Bill McLaren East Team. Well done you. You are playing the best of the best in Auckland, so enjoy yourself and also take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience and the great photos! Keep us updated.

  2. Darius
    I agree with Mrs Lagitupu. Making the team is a huge honour. When I was still in the area we held some of the Bill MacLaren trials at our school so I have an idea of just how many students would have trialed this year and I dont think people realise how big it is and how hard it is to make the squad. Secondly its the elite competition for Auckland Intermediate Rugby, every player who is playing would be excellent, so coming from a league background as you are it would be an excellent experience for you. Its a great piece of writing, I felt that you didn't duck responsisbility as to why you thought that you didn't win and you identified what you could have done to do better. Mrs Lagitupu is right - the main shing to enjoy yourself and take care of yourself. Enjoy the experience, which we can tell that you did by making new friends.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.