Monday, June 23, 2014

English Assignment: Monologue

(Spoken in a Scottish accent)

This traditional ritual doesn't feel right anymore, killing off an innocent elderly won’t help anything. I mean, I know that as we were children our fathers and mothers would tell us to always stay to tradition. But I say nay, the crops haven’t grown, water produce is low, our resources are beginning to become scarce. A ritual that does not help with our needs, is not needed? Lindsay's old man was chosen, killed by the very citizens which once called him a friend. Do we as a village have no heart? The ability to turn on an elderly which once took care of you. It astounds me. People I say lets stand together as one village and wipe this ritual from our memories so that one day we may be able to see our grandchildren. This is my speech to you folks in hope that you have the same passion as I do. So who will stand with me? Who will fight for our future and our childrens and their childrens future? If you’re with me say ay!... Right then a bright future is ahead of us.    

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