Monday, March 22, 2010

An ExtraOrdinary Camp in 2010

When Wednesday had hit I was really excited because our school was having Senior Camp. All of us were put into groups. My group was called Team Spirit but I really wanted to be in the Considerators.
On the first day our activities were based at school. We did kayaking, toasting dampers and marshmallows on a fire and we went to the pools. Another activity was orienteering. The thing I liked about it was using a compass to find clues. Each clue gave us a letter and when finished it revealed a secret code. I think it was: Is it kind, Is it true, Is it necessary.
The next day was the best day that I had at camp. All our activities were based around different places in G.I. We went ten pin bowling, rock climbing and skating. At nighttime we had our concert and each team had to an item for it.
Finally the last day had come. We were all off to Swimarama. As soon as we got there, we had to race freestyle stroke. I came 4th. Me and Ahsin went on the hydroslide and the water was freezing cold.


  1. Hi Darius

    Wow you're so lucky to go to an awsome camp! Your photos show that you had a lot of fun. I liked reading your blog about your camp and it summed up everything about your camp and more! COOL!!

    Shoals mum ♣

  2. DUDE!!!!! did you you create that photo album...cause it looks awesome enough to be on bebo....if you did it would be cool if you do it for my bebo page.....


  3. Hi Darius,
    What a great time you are having. This is a wonderful description of all the activities that you are participating in. I'm a rock climber, so I'd like to do that one the most I think! Thanks for the link to Extreme Edge too.

    Mr. Miller

  4. Hi Dari,
    looks like your having alot of fun, i still think you would have been happier if you took your speedo's, thats what the cool kids wear:p nice album