Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Rugby Game

"Pass the ball!" "Tackle, tackle!" "Get in the scrum!" Have you figured it out yet?
Well, last week on Friday our school rugby teams played against Viscount school in Mangere. I had to play for the Over 45kg team. We had to wait because the Under 45kg were the first team to play. When we played our game, there were some big boys but we still took the challenge even though we were losing. Then finally Joe scored a try. The boy wearing number 13 from the other team was gasing us all and he got three tries.


  1. Gasing it haha too funny Darius. Great effort on your first game of the season. Plenty more games to come plenty more wins! have fun though.

    bye for now

    Shoals mum

  2. Im sorry to hear that you lost. I hope you win your next match against Holy Socks! Your blog reminded me of my game, we won 35-7. At least you did the best you can. It isn't always about winning, it's about being active and having fun. Hope you whip Holy Socks in the next game. Was it fun on your debut?

  3. Hey Dari
    Sounds like you need to come back and do some laps in back yard......while you mow my lawn....haha....Uncle Stevo

  4. HI Heremaia from room 14 here when you where talking about the unders did you know that we won our game vs vicount.