Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chidokan Fightathon May 2010

“Iyaahh!” I do karate, it is a form of martial arts. On Saturday we had a Fightathon. “What is a Fightathon?” you ask, well it is when you have 30 fights against grades that higher than yellow belt. We only got to spar for two minutes. First I was scared because of the black belts, all the other higher grades and the adults who were all part of the Fightathon. There were only four people from my Dojo. My first fight was against a person from my dojo. I was punching, kicking, foot sweeping and trying to score as many points as I could. Did you know that sparring is like trying to hit them as many times as you can to score points. The fights I really hated was when I had to fight against the black belts. Like I had to fight against this old man that was a black belt. It was two against one. We got wasted by him…far, I punched in the mouth by him and it was wet as. Yuck!

I train every Monday and Wednesday at the Alan Brewster Recreation Centre in Old Papatoetoe from 5.45pm - 6.45pm.


  1. Hi darius that was very funny!!! I never new that why didn't you tell me man.I liked the way you fight.

    From your friend Starford

  2. Hi Darius
    I liked your Kung Fu movie it was very cool. Kung Fu looks very cool now I think IU should do it now. Anyways keep up the great writing Darius.


  3. I am extremely proud of you Son. I wished I could've been there to watch you. Keep practicing because you have grading tomorrow. You did a great job writing this up by yourself and making your movie with help.

    Love Mum

  4. HI Darius

    Wow reading your blog and watching your movie reminded me of how I used to do karate a very long time ago. Lucky for me I didn't have to spar against lots of people. I also love your background music, its one of my favourite songs. Great work.