Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chidokan Misogi 2010

"Wake up!" yelled mum. "But it's only five o'clock" I said. "It's time to go to your karate class at Mission Bay" replied mum. On Sunday 20th June, while most of Auckland were still sleeping, my mum and I got ready to go to Mission Bay. When we arrived, I saw lots of people both young and old already there. It was raining and still dark. We began our session by warming up in a big circle doing our basics. Our main Sensei led us in three lines and we did line work on the grass area just outside the toilets. After we finished our basics, we stood ankle deep in the freezing water. All of us had to do some gyu-pon (I'm not sure if that's spelt right) and basic sparring. When I did gyu-pon I did a take down on this boy, who I think was a higher belt - he ended up in the water and I stood over him. I felt really cold when it finished, everyone was soaked. I explained to my mum how cold the water was and said, "Next year I'm coming to do it again". Mum just laughed.

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