Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting a new PSP

"Do you love playing electronic games?" Well on Saturday me and my mum went to St Lukes to kill some time. While we were there I was lucky enought to get a new PSP from EB Games (my old one was broken). When I got it, I was very excited about playing my PSP but the lady at the counter said "you have to charge it" and I said "Ohhhhh! I want to play my PSP". But the lady said "if you don't it will ruin the battery". So we went home and I plugged my PSP to charge. It was really hard not to play it while it was charging. The next day I woke up very early and asked my mum "can I play my game?"and she said "yes". I was really excited and I played it the whole day.

P.S if you click the PSP it will take you to its URL



    Well you have to take care of mum now, rub her feet, make her coffee, vacuum the house...hehe

    Well done Darius for your wonderful blogs.

    Shoals mum x

  2. i love playing electronic games! you should know that i always do play them with you haha
    dont play it too much k?
    be good to your mom dari


  3. hi dari

    i came thru mums bebo page & saw the link to your page, im going to bookmark it after this.Sweety its nice to see you have a nice psp,lucky & its great to hear abt your trips & activities outside of school, well done. Look forward to coming and visiting more often, luv u nephew! keep it up

    Aunty Jenni

  4. Hey Darius,

    What a surprise (Present)! Do you have any wicked games like wrestling, Car games or anything? hmmm.... I soon want to find out! I know you will be entertained by the PSP. What a luxury thing to do, sit around and enjoy the day. I know how it feels to just sit there and have fun.

    From Kayde

  5. hi dari just me & the boys at home. we are looking forward to your school production tonight. we're bringing pa haha. i like how youre active with sports & education. tell me how ripper rugby works heard good things sabout it.its awesome you like black, goes with everything. & its nice youve been to aus 5 times cool! well gtg babys crying now, see you later k take care, luv u ...aunty jenni, lu & BEN XXO

  6. Ps show us how to play a psp game too xx aunnty and the boys xox

  7. jennifer alaeluaMarch 7, 2012 at 7:18 AM

    Hi dari been awhile since i last visited.I enjoyed reading your poem, your photos with your friends and the activities you have been up and how you like your notebook and its usefulness. Glad you're having fun at school, have a gd day & week xx aunty jenni