Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Zirka Circus comes to town...

Wow! Going to the circus. We looked on in awe and I thought that it was amazing. These men were in a metal circle (kind of like a hula hoop) doing tricks. The second thing I liked was these two circles but they were connected. At first he was in the circle just going round and around. Then this Asian man jumped out of the circle on top of it. Suddenly he started juggling while walking around the outside of the metal rotating circle. It was a death defying act, he was blind folded while walking around the outside of the metal circle. Click here to go to their website.
The other performance that I enjoyed watching was when all the Asian men were wearing hats and they were all in sync swapping, juggling and passing them around. They would throw a hat up in the air and do a somersault and then catch it. The other trick that I liked was when this fire lord, he lit some swords on fire and stabbed them into a girl that was locked inside a metal box. When they opened the metal box, she had disappeared. They closed it again and then…three Asian ladies came out of the box. During some of their performances they made mistakes. Some people didn't catch stuff, one lady fell off her unicycle of did something wrong. Circus' are never that perfect.


  1. Hi Darius,
    That circus looked pretty spectacular. Lots of varied acts with some pretty talented, flexible and strong performers. Aren't you lucky to have gone to see it. I really liked reading your post about it because you had included so many interesting details about what you saw that I could really imagine what it was like. Well done
    Ms Squires

  2. Hi Darius,
    What a great job at writing that long sentence
    and by the way your mum told room10 about the circus. Keep it up Darius.AWESOME WORK Darius.

    From Sela room10