Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion assembly

Nooo! Back to school. I spotted something strange while I was entering the hall for our Immersion Assembly. It was the first day of school and the staff were dressed up related to the topic for this Term is Mighty Mariners.

The Team that I liked was Team 4 It was Miss Squires,Miss V,Miss,Mr Barks and Miss Barks. Mr Barks looked funny because he had a Long red beard and Miss Barks said they were from “Greenland”. Mr Barks said It’s called Greenland to trick you into coming to Greenland. They said it’s really cold there like ice cold. Miss V was a Polynesian sailor they use a net to catch fish and brought coconuts so if they couldn't find any water they would drink the coconuts.

The next Team that I liked was Team 2 Miss She as a pirate and Miss burne as James Cook. It was funny because Miss She was poking Miss Burne with her pirate sword while Miss Burne was talking.

I liked this Immersion Assembly I hope that next years one will be as good.

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