Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extreme makeover courtyard paragrahs

Do you have a courtyard that isn’t used much? Well wev’e got the same problem as you but we are going to change it. Outside the courtyard in room 17 that we have is completely useless no one uses it so it is a waste of space. In the winter time the fields are closed. Our courtyard has a big ditch filled with mud.

This is my rubric that my buddy Waata marked

Unfortunately in winter time the fields are muddy and closed. Which causes crowded conditions in our play areas if we re-make our courtyard then the chances of crowded conditions can not become so often. Little kids can be knocked over by all of the crowds on the court and in the breeze.

Our courtyard is extremely hideous. The concrete is uneven, and there isn’t enough space to play games. We have a big ditch filled with mud and rubbish in the center of our courtyard which connects to the eyesore drain. There are mud on the walls because of the patch of grass which is right next to the toilets.

Seniors like to hang out in a relaxing place. We know that seniors like to play touch and hang out because we sent surveys to other classes to see what they like to do. If we change our courtyard maybe older kids can play in this area. Then the older kids can just relax and talk to each other.

We would like you to help please.

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