Monday, August 1, 2011

My Movie-tastic Holidays

"Oh Yeah"!! I screamed, I screamed because it was finally the holidays. I had been waiting for these holidays, because I needed some time off. Me and my mum were questioning each other to gather ideas about what we could during our 2 week holiday. Mum said maybe we could go to the Waitomo caves, but I said "how about we just go to watch some movies and stay home and relax". Feeling relaxed, it was just then when then it hit my head. I still had my game of league to go to. Oh how I pleaded with my mum not to take me to my game. But she had insisted I go.

We were at the movies in Highland Park cinemas (oh and by the way this was the next day) and we had to wait because our movie wasn't scheduled for another hour. So we killed some time by playing a game of pool. Finally I thought we were going to have a game of pool table. I hadn't played one in a while. There was this arcade that me and my mum always went to we only went because it was the close to home and it had pretty cool games. Then after a few months the place had been closed down. So ever since wev'e been to the Highland Park cinemas we would have a game of pool. "Yeah I won!! Ok now we need to check what the time is" I said to my mom. It was time to go and stand in the long line and wait forever luckily my mum said lets go to the part that said online tickets. The line was so short it only was a few minutes before we got to the front of the line.

"I would like some MNM's too please", We were going to see Kung Fu Panda two (there you go the answer to your question) . My mum and I were setteled in our bluish seats. Then the lights started to fade into a black pitch cinema. A blue light apeared then it quickly switched into the trailers. We started to devour the popcorn in it's little box. So, Po the warrior has a fight with these bandits and he scadooshes all of them. With the help of the Furious Five. He sees this red sun symbol on one of the bandits uniforms. Po has a flash back to when he was younger and it showed his mum. My favourite part of the movie has got to be when Po's in a punching stance flying down the stairs all the while a bandit's head kept banging into his fist. Almost knocking him out, I laughed.

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  1. Hi Darius,

    During the last holidays, we went to see the very last Harry Potter movie and it was worth it. There were some parts of it that was quite sad, but at the end Harry got his revenge. Kung Fu Panda sounds like a good movie to see. I'll keep it in mind for our next outing. Aidan and myself had a battle with the PS2 Kung Fu Panda 1 and it was hilliariously funny. Of course Aidan won.

    Keep up the good work.

    From: Taulagi Teleso (aka Aidans Mum)