Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Badminton Para 2

Have you ever played Badminton? Well I have and I have got to say I was one of the worst at playing it. Our class was in the school hall on Friday, waiting patiently for the instructor to arrive.A few minutes later our mentor for Badminton had finally arrived.

She had instructed us all to sit down in front of the stage then she started to speak. About badminton asking us questions, It was like a pop quiz to see which child had actually listened to the last instructor. Then she told us that her name was Donna.

Then she picked a few people to hand out the rackets. There were about 20-30 rackets and only 3 people to hold all of them “Onosai give us the short racket”. All of the boys moaning and groaning for Onosai to give them a short racket but Onosai didn’t give them one.

“Okay once you've got your racket find a buddy “ said Donna. It was a decision I go with Gabriel or Crusader “Hmmm” I thought. Okay I’m going to go with Crusader I really felt sorry for Gabriel but I couldn’t go with both of them. If only their were two of me I thought.

I went to go and grab a Shuttle for me and Crusader. Did you know that back in the olden days they use to put feathers on the Shuttles. Have you guessed yet well would you have thought that the feathers were used to help the shuttle fly. But these days we use plastic.

Crusader served and I missed I think I was awful but it was my first training. My turn to serve I hit “Yes”!!! I thought that was my first hit in the whole game but will it make to the other side? No it didn’t make it.

Okay so maybe I’m not a natural player and maybe I think Badminton is one of the hardest games I have ever played but if I keep practising I think I can achieve my goals.

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