Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Theres No Going Back

What would it be like if we were still writing on a piece of paper? This year I have loved being a Netbooker . It speeds up learning, but sometimes there can be some technical problems that happen with the Netbook. Netbooks are better learning devices then a piece of paper and a pencil.

A awesome thing on the Netbooks are the games. In our free time we can play games on the Internet and off-line too. When I feel bored I like to play games and download them too well that's outside of school.

The thing that helps me most in writing is the thesaurus on the Internet. It helps with my which helps my vocab. Another thing that helps is the spelling checks it can help my spelling a lot. Writing is the one subject that I struggle on, but the net book really improves my writing in lots of ways.

One of the things that maybe could be fixed is the Internet connections. There are problems with the Internet and it would help our learning if the Internet was a lot faster. Some time the Internet is very fast but then it loses the connection.

This year has been one of my favorite years at Pt England. Next year I can’t wait to get back to learning.

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