Monday, December 5, 2011

Were Going To Die!!

Kayaking is super hard (For me) it makes your arms tired and gives you a sore back. “Sit up straight” Erin instructed in my head I thought my back is aching with pain thought. Since we had to Kayak to the many Wharfs we had to paddle through it.

We paddled against the hard blowing wind it was hard trying to push against the current. “Swish” the water began to pick up it was making me float towards some where out to sea I started paddling faster and faster my arm was getting sore. As the winds were blowing wildly it took my Kayak off course.

Erin had instructed and told us of this game called The Kayaking Game. The object of this game was to transfer someone into your Kayak and you go to their one. The people were chosen to play first were Kingston and Patrick. Patrick and Kingston just got out of their Kayaks and set out for each others Kayaks. Patrick had entered Kingston's Kayak but then get fell into the water and he had to climb back in again

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