Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

“Yay!! Were going to the Ben Carson lecture” I said to Marvin. The year 5,6,7,8 all rushed like a herd of wild bulls on to the buses that came and went off to the Telstra Clear Pacific  Centre. Now it was our turn.

Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, a place where there are quite a lot of gangs. His mother Sonya, dropped out of school in the third grade with very little education and was married at 13 years of age. Unfortunately his parents divorced when Benjamin was only 8 , the boys poor mother had to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to provide both of her sons.

Ben and Curtis fell behind in school so all the kids in his class started to call him horrible names such as dummy which caused him to let out all of his temper. One day he was opening his locker when a boy come up to him and tried to close it. Ben’s bad temper caused lots of trouble, one time he punched some body so hard that it caused a 3 meter gash in his head.

One day the teacher came in and showed the class a rock it was a rock that the kids had never seen before. Nobody put their hand up but Ben knew the answer but he wasn’t even confident so he waited for somebody to answer the question. Then Ben put his hand up and everybody was surprised and astonished some of them started to laugh and say.

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