Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man Up!!!

“I can’t wait to head down to Rotorua for men’s camp!!” This weekend I was going down to Rotorua with friends from church. Every year there’s a men’s camp and this year was my first time going. If you don’t know I attend Equippers Manukau Church and we also have a church in the city.

Unfortunately I had to hop into my friends, dad’s van along with two other guys and four adults plus all our gear. The whole trip down my friends and I were crammed at the back of a car like sardines in a can. I could feel my legs slowly losing circulation. As we headed down to Rotorua there was a detour which made our trip longer so we stopped and ate K.F.C in Paeroa . By the time we got to Rotorua it was 10:30pm so instead of heading to our first session of the conference which started at 9:30, we headed to a place called Crank backpackers thats where we slept for the night.

Mornings are the worst thing ever. I woke up and quickly got changed while I was half asleep and I was one of the last people to wake up, only because I heard a voice it was my friend Danny. After that I decided to wake up my other friend Noah. He told me that he was going to have a little power nap before getting up. As soon as all of us were ready we headed to McDonalds for breakfast. We finally arrived at the convention center for the first  service to begin. Once we were in there, we were seated and praise and worship begun. Pastor Sam Monk talked about something I couldn’t quite remember and I fell asleep. I woke up at the end feeling refreshed.

The next session I stayed awake this time but my mate Tremaine fell asleep. In this session Pastor Ian Wright spoke about how some men can get bored because they were not satisfied and they are tempted by pornography. It made me feel a little bit uncomfortable but it is a real life issue that some men struggle with. He talked about how to pray over temptation if it does affect you and to share and not hide it. I remember how he talked about how Adam knew he was naked and he hid from God. Throughout his message I didn’t really listen but I picked up some valid points.

So during our break time we headed to a park where all the men went to play games and activities. These activities included Touch, Rugby and Volleyball. I took part in a game of rugby but not with the adults just some of my friends, all around my age. After the rugby game we all headed to the playground to play tiggy.

My highlight for the whole camp was when they had this challenge in our 2 service where they had to chose one person from each church had a challenge to try as many push ups as they can. The most that one person did was 62 all in one go. But out of the whole camp I really enjoyed hanging out with my church friends.


  1. Hi Darius,

    Your writing skills are amazing! I love your personal experience of Man Up! Equippers is also my church :) This story was interesting the whole way through, every sentence seemed carefully thought out. I look forward to reading more from you, and I encourage you to keep at it with your writing, you are very talented! I am going to show the staff at Manaiakalani your awesome story!


  2. Hi Darius,

    I agree with Courtney, you are a very gifted writer and its so awesome to see that you are using your talent to share your experience at men's camp. You're punctuation is awesome and you are very descriptive in each paragraph.
    An enjoyable read. Keep it up. :-)

    Kathy Zombos

  3. Darius you r the man! I LOVED hearing about what u thought of man up, you were honest and open about it and that made it fun and easy to read. Well done!!

  4. Great writing Darius! I loved reading your account of your Man Up experience as it was so well written. Keep up the good work and keep going to these great events! God bless you buddy. Michelle Tiatia

  5. Thank you all for taking the time out to leave me a comment. That was my first time at Man Up and I really enjoined it I can't wait for next year.


  6. Hey Darius,

    Wow wow wow!!! I am just so amazed at how mature you are!!! You definitely have a gift for writing so I encourage you to continue to write throughout your life and allow the Holy Spirit to speak with you in this way of communication and I will guarantee you that it will bring you so close to God and understanding his love and purpose for you. Awesome stuff Darius....keep it up!!

    Many blessings and love,