Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Year 7/8 Social 2012

“Can’t wait for the social to start” I thought in my head. I waited outside patiently for the doors to open. Some of my friends had already arrived Starford, Kingston P, Raenan and Gabriel were all ready for the social to start. The social was last week on Thursday it started at 6:00 pm ended at 8:00pm and cost $5 per ticket which also included a free sausage and drink. We were able to buy the tickets at our school office.

The doors opened and the first thing I saw was black and white stripes of paper hanging down from the entrance into the social.  My eye’s were trying to adjust to the darkness in the hall as well as all the flashing lights. At the back of all the craziness played the Olympic opening ceremony because the theme for the social was the Olympics  Unfortunately at the start of the social it was pretty boring hardly anyone was there. But as soon as people came they flooded  the dance floor so I started to dance.

My dance moves were horrible or thats what I thought at first. I decided that I was just going to go with the flow following people around and joining groups of people who had started dancing in a circle. I could see a lot of white lights flashing from phones and cameras, people posing and doing signs for the cameras.

“Okay people we are now going to have a dougie competition so can you all make a semi circle and give our competitors some space please” called Selina. We created a semi circle and everybody was doing the dougie once the music started. At the end of the competition there were only two competitors left Mary L & Nezinli. Fortunately Nezinli won, thats who I was cheering for.

My favourite songs on the night was the Gangnam style song and the Azonto because they are quite popular at the moment and it was a bonus I knew the dance moves to them. I especially liked Gangnam style. The dance and video clip has funny dance moves like horse riding but not literally. I felt really hyped after the social and I liked dancing and posing in other people’s photos too. At school, I hope that we can have another social soon just for the seniors. I really enjoyed the night.

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  1. Hi Darius, I really like your post about the social! It was fun, wasn't it? Gangnam Style was my favourite song. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep up the great work.