Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bush Narritive

The pitch black forest gloomed at me as if something or someone was staring at me. Fortunately I saw a bright white sky at the end of the forest the light pierced through past the dark trees. My brother and I were half way to finishing our jog. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain shoot up my left foot.

“Ahhh my foot” I screamed painfully I called for my brother and he helped with the situation that I was in. He told the unfortunate “Sis I think that you might have sprained your ankle and it looks really bad, do you want me to call an Ambulance?” “Yes please” I said. Pain coursed throughout my body I flinched every time I shuffled it. “Damn! I forgot my phone” my brother scolded.

“Here use mine” I said to him he called but he said that we would have to wait for an hour before the ambulance arrived. So instead of waiting in the forest he carried me all the way back to where we started and we waited for so long my foot had gone swollen most of my foot was purple and black.

The ambulance had finally arrived they told me that two weeks rest with ice on it would fix it and that I’ll be fine.

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