Monday, March 25, 2013

Church On Sunday

“Could all the leaders stay after church” Carla asked. She was one of the main leader who looked after the intermediate group named Massive. If you didn’t know I go to Equippers Church Manukau, Auckland City. There are four groups in Massive called Island Swag (that's my group), Rhythmatics, IDK and West Tigers. They each have a leader which looks after the team and shows them what to do.

Luckily after church Carla took all the Massive group leaders including me to a special day out. We took the Church van and went to KFC and all had something to eat it was Magnificent. After that we headed back to church and had a little meeting about how we can improve our leadership skills.

“Hi my name is Darius and my earliest childhood memory was when I was 4 and I used to play sword fighting by myself” I said anxiously. We all had to speak about our earliest childhood memory. After our little discussion we went into the main auditorium and started playing with the lights and instruments.

“YAY!” I was so excited to go to laser strike in Mt Wellington. “Enjoy your game” the game instructor said, Putting the vest on I put on backward like a idiot thats what my friend called me. I got into the game and looked for the enemy base. At the end of the game I scored the highest out of my team and placed 3rd.

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