Friday, June 21, 2013

My Creative Reflection

6 Hats:

Red Hat:
Darius: I felt like it was a very easy task only because of our choice which was dancing. I think that we could've done more work as well.

Darius: An interesting thing that I found out was that I can’t dance. Another interesting fact was that I learnt that my friends aren’t good dances.

Darius: Thing’s I didn’t enjoy was dancing live in front of everybody. I also didn’t enjoy was sitting around.

Darius: I enjoyed co-operating with my friends. I also enjoy making the movie.

Darius: The things I learnt was that I should learn to work harder. Another thing I learnt was that I should learn to not muck around.

Darius: A self reflection for myself would be that I shouldn't have mucked around so much. Another one was that I should try to help more.

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