Friday, June 14, 2013

Student Prospective

The treacherous climb frightened me to the bone. I held on to each rock as my strength depleted. After all my hard work I reached the peak of the mountain. I pulled myself up to find a glimmer of the sun and my objective was just up ahead.

           Arriving at the school my heart pounding as I knocked on the door. The master appeared in front of me. His robes dragged behind him as he approached me. He pointed away, I sighed my head dropped and I plodded away. I calmed my breathing and started meditating in front of the door.

          Day and Night had passed I focused on my meditating. The master came out again and his actions were the same. I left sad my dreams crushed then I felt this anger in me, I kicked down the door and entered  my fighting stance . The master pointed again this time I looked and there was a sign it said please use the side entrance.

         I bowed I was embarrassed the master however gave me a piercing look.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Darius,
    Good piece of writing. You used good adjectives to describe different moods for example 'piercing look'. Good job!