Thursday, August 1, 2013

Danny's Birthday

    “Do you have your things packed son?”, questioned my mum. I was rushing around like a headless chook packing my stuff for my friend Danny’s sleepover. “Phew”! I thought after about fifteen minutes of looking in my cupboards I was finally ready to head to Danny’s Birthday. “Okay mum, I’m finished packing” I answered.

Arriving at the house I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. Slowly plodding inside the house, I saw my mate Leo and Danny’s brother playing Minecraft. I got my bags out of the way and started playing Black Ops 2 on XBox 360. Time passed and more of the boys from church arrived. When all my mates had turned up we headed off to the basketball court up the road for a gram. So that meant that Danny’s parents could get dinner ready.

After our three on three basketball game, we ran back home ready to eat. “ Happy Birthday to you!” We all sang in harmony. “Amen” Danny’s mum said. There was a feast before us Pizza, chips, cookies and doughnuts everything I had a piece of. After the massive feed we went back into the lounge and played X-box games. Most of the time I was just playing the guitar while my mates focused on the T.V.

“Okay now you guys have to go to sleep okay?” Danny’s Dad told us as it was getting late. “Yup” we all answered. But we didn’t listen, instead we all stayed up until 3.00am then we decided to go to sleep. Waking up I regret going to sleep that late, my eyes sagged and my body mimicking my eyes.

In the service I fell asleep in church. I had a really fun night hanging out with my mates. I was really lucky to go because my mum said I wasn’t allowed to go the week before. Danny is one of my closest friends at church. It was a nice way to end the holidays.


  1. Hi Darius,
    I must say I am happy with your writing here. Good sentence structure and also detailed and fun. I felt like I was there with you as I read except I couldn't taste the delicious food. Keep up the great work.

  2. Darius
    It probably would have been easy to be less honest about staying up until three AM (and hope your family didn't spot it on your blog!) but it really completed the writing with a logical conclusion that made sense and was a interesting way to end. Liked how you linked the eyes into your body and hope you didn't get in trouble for falling asleep!
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.