Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Man Up! 2013

Man Up has finally arrived again. Man Up is an annual event where men can gather and hear what mens purpose . This year we headed down to Taupo last year however we went to Rotorua. I was going to head down with one of my close mates Danny, his brother Bishop and their dad Phill  .

My head was filled with the things I had to remember to pack, my stomach was filled with butterflies. I heard my mum call out “Son we’re going now”. Lifting my bag up I felt the weight of how much clothes I had packed. We arrived at church and I saw more men waiting for the bus. We packed everything onto the bus and somehow squeezed everything onto it. The trip seemed like we were driving in circles because it was too dark to see anything until three hours later when we finally arrived.
I looked outside my window but unfortunately the condensation blocked my view. We all made a little queue to get out of the bus, Getting out was easy handling the cold was hard it felt like we were in a freezer when we were down there. I walked into the Recreation Center and saw lights flashing and people just praising God, I instantly knew that Man Up was gonna be AMAZING!

After the service we headed back to the Backpackers where we headed into the our room. My mates that were in the room were Tremaine, Shonbanet, Jamal, Leo and Danny. We had a mini party in our room were we just ate a lot of junk food. Waking up I felt pretty good but I looked at my other mates they looked like they only had a couple of hours sleep.

Pastor Sergio was preaching to us about how the men can never out serve the woman. He also talked about how to treat a woman when she becomes your wife. I thought that Pastor Sergio is an amazing preacher and I wish that he can come back next year.

If you want to come to such an event then just head to a church called Equippers you can search it up online. Next year also we will be heading to Rotorua its going to be amazing as always. Click here if you wanna know more.

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  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed your trip and the conference in Taupo. I've been past Taupo but haven't stopped there before. I hope that you will continue to go to Man Up every year. Great writing Son.

    Love Mum