Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving 2013!

Every year we have an annual event called prize giving. It’s when parents and their children comes together to celebrate this year and hand out awards to kids who have done well in some subjects this year. “These are the awards for Team 4!” Mr Burt announced, everyone was clapping and cheering for the kids who went on stage. After the awards were handed out Mr Burt said “Now it’s time for the Team 4 Item!”

After Team 4 had finished it was time for our awards to be handed out. “These awards are for Citizenship, 100% attendance and effort” Mr Burt said. As some people were going on stage parents and older siblings were coming up to the stage. More awards were being handed out and as time went on it started to heat up and my back was starting to ache. Then I heard that Mr Burt was handing out the sports awards.

“These are the awards for rugby rep” Mr Burt said. I knew I was going to get an award because I played for Bill Mclaren. My name was called and I walked to Mr Telea to get my certificate and medal. Then the Academics was announced 3rd place was Shoal, 2nd Makerita, 1st Vivienne. After all the awards were finished Mr Burt called up the Team 5 Item.

“Stand by me! Ohhh Stand by me!” We all sung. That was the last part to our Team 5 item. After everything was done Mr Burt said a prayer then everyone was free to leave. I went around talking, chatting and taking photo’s with people. At the end of the night I was really happy.

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