Monday, December 2, 2013

Yr8 Yearbook

Darius Yr8 Memories from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a short snippet of the main memories I have experienced here at Pt England School.

* How long have I been at Pt England School?
I have been at Pt England for 8 years
* Who were my teachers in each year level?
Year 1 - Mrs George
Year 2 - Ms Wood
Year 3 - Ms Mackinlay
Year 4 - Ms Garden
Year 5 - Ms Squires
Year 6 - Ms Garden
Year 7 - Ms Squires
Year 8 - Mrs Lagitupu

* Who were my friends?
Waata, Crusader, Kingston P, Kingston L, Samuela, James, Starford, Xavier, Raenan, Potaua, Jesiah.

* What was my best memory from school? My worst memory?
Best memory: When we went to Kawau Island in year 6.
Worst Memory: When we had Cross Country in year 7. It was really hard going through the bush walk because the ground was slippery and had sticks and twigs on the ground.

* What was my best/greatest achievement at school?
My greatest achievement was when I became a prefect and in year 4 when I got an academic award for 3rd place equal.

* What will I miss about being at Pt England School?
What I’m gonna miss most is the way learning at Pt England is using digital learning.

* What are my goals for the future?
To go to University and become a Lawyer, or become rugby league player.

* What advice do I have for other Pt England students?
Is to always have respect for your teachers.

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  1. This is awesome Darius. I'm so proud of you and all that you have achieved at Pt England School. I am going to miss seeing you around the place but am excited for you to go to college too.

    Love you Son